Ex Behaving Badly in Front of Kids

Having a bad behavior is different from a harmful one. This means that being moody around the kids may be attributed to the stress that they take home from work, personal life, and the fact of separation. When the other party becomes violent though, that's when it is important to take action and call the police.
There could be a lot of reasons why a couple's marriage usually ends up in divorce. One of these is the bad or unwanted behavior shown by one against the other. Worse, there could be chances that the person is not only showing his or her negative attitude in front of the other spouse but also to the children in the marriage. This is not a good sign for staying in a relationship especially if being together does not only affect the relationship of the husband wife but also the interests of the kids involved.

When it comes to this type of situation, the rights of the children must always be protected. Bad behavior is different from a harmful behavior so there is a need to distinguish between the two. Being moody around the kids may only be a bad behavior by one of the spouses. This could be attributed to the stress that he or she may get from work, personal life and the fact of separation. When the other party becomes harmful or violent to the kids, it is important to immediately report such matter to the authorities. Then, contact your lawyer to discuss some of the important legal actions that you may take against the other spouse.

As much as possible, try to talk things through with your ex-husband or ex-wife. Let him or her know about the negative effects of the attitude shown in front of the kids. Consider yourself lucky if the other party is willing to communicate with you properly and exert some efforts to improve his or her attitude. However, if he or she is resistant to change, then the best thing to do is to file the necessary court action and contact a family attorney. You may request the judge to prevent your former partner from visiting the children unless it is shown that there is improvement as to his or her attitude and mood.

Always remember that the safety of your kids must be your top priority. If the situation between you and the other spouse has become serious and dangerous, it is highly recommended that you place your children in a new place for their safety. Contact the necessary persons who may help you with this problem. At the same time, be in constant communication with your attorney in order to be able to address the problem.

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