The Working Dad's Guide to Child Custody in Oshkosh

The names and identifying details in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality. This article is provided for educational purposes only to illustrate the types of legal situations our Oshkosh property division attorneys handle. We do not disclose case results to maintain attorney-client privilege.

This is the story of Michael, a 38 year old Oshkosh veterinarian and father who turned to Attorney Tiffany Biedermann of Sterling Lawyers to help him with a child custody dispute in Winnebago County. As a busy single parent and small business owner, Michael was overwhelmed when his ex-wife filed for sole custody of their 8 year old daughter Sophia. Attorney Biedermann’s experience with family law helped guide Michael through the confusing local procedures and protect his rights as Sophia’s father.

For Michael, life as a single dad was a constant balancing act. Between running his veterinary clinic in Oshkosh WI and taking care of his energetic 8 year old Sophia, he barely had time to rest. Michael had opened the Lakeside Animal Clinic shortly after vet school and invested everything into building up his practice. His hard work paid off, and the clinic was thriving. However, the 80 hour work weeks took a toll on his marriage to his college sweetheart Emily.

After repeated attempts to reconcile, Emily filed for divorce two years ago. They agreed to amicable joint custody of Sophia. Despite the divorce, they wanted Sophia to grow up with two actively involved parents.

The custody arrangement had been working well, until recently. Emily called Michael and announced she would be remarrying soon and wanted to discuss changing the custody agreement. She felt Sophia would have more stability living full time with her and her new husband. Michael was shocked and upset. He treasured the time with his daughter and felt Emily's request was unfair. They exchanged heated words over the phone, and the call ended badly.

A few weeks later, Michael received notice that Emily had filed for sole legal and physical custody of Sophia. She alleged Michael was often too busy with work to properly care for their daughter. Michael was distraught, he adored Sophia more than anything. The idea of only seeing her a few weekends a month was unthinkable. Unsure what to do next, he called the Sterling Lawyers firm for help.

When Michael called, Attorney Biedermann listened with empathy as he described the situation. She explained that under Wisconsin law, courts must act in the child's best interest when deciding custody. However, fathers have an equal right to raise their children after divorce. Emily would have to prove sole custody was in Sophia's best interest. Attorney Biedermann felt Michael had a strong case to fight for shared custody. Her decade of experience handling family law cases would help Michael navigate the complicated Winnebago County family court process.

First, Attorney Biedermann helped Michael file a response disputing Emily's claims. She worked extensively with him to gather evidence showing he was a loving, involved father despite his demanding job. Michael provided school records showing no attendance issues with Sophia. He also gave statements from parents of Sophia's friends detailing how he never missed her basketball games or dance recitals.

Attorney Biedermann also requested records from Michael's clinic manager confirming he only worked school hours and was never late picking up Sophia. Lastly, she had Michael thoroughly document his parenting time by keeping a log of their daily activities. This evidence would be crucial in proving Michael was not too preoccupied with work to co-parent.

In Winnebago County, child custody cases go through a defined legal process. First, the parents attend a mediation session to see if they can reach an agreement. If mediation fails, they proceed to a temporary hearing where a judge issues a temporary custody order. This is in effect throughout the lengthy trial preparation period during which both sides engage in fact finding.

Finally, a multi-day trial is held where both parties present arguments and evidence. The judge then carefully considers this information before issuing a final custody ruling designed to protect the child's best interests.

Navigating this complex legal process alone would have been extremely difficult for Michael as a non-lawyer. With Attorney Biedermann as his guide, Michael was able to confidently respond to each step and make the best case possible to the judge. She handled all legal filings and negotiations with Emily's attorney. Her deep knowledge of family law enabled her to effectively prepare Michael's arguments while anticipating the other side’s strategy.

Most importantly, Attorney Biedermann’s compassion and experience put Michael at ease during an incredibly stressful time. She took extra care to explain what would happen next so he knew what to expect. Her steadfast counsel gave him hope that the truth would prevail.

For parents facing a child custody battle in Winnebago County, having a trusted advisor can make all the difference. The complicated legal system is confusing and intimidating without a knowledgeable guide. Sterling Lawyers has successfully represented mothers and fathers in all types of custody disputes across the county. Their attorneys know this intricate process inside-out. They use their knowledge to build strong cases while helping clients find inner strength during difficult battles. Sterling Lawyers handles cases with care and understanding. There are no redos in legal matters, so securing experienced counsel from the outset is crucial. Navigating the court system alone often creates additional frustration. With Sterling Lawyers by your side, you can feel confident your best interests and rights as a parent will be protected. For compassionate counsel on your side, contact Sterling Lawyers today.

The names and identifying details in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality. This article is provided for educational purposes only to illustrate the types of legal situations our attorneys handle. We do not disclose case results to maintain attorney-client privilege.

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