Can You Get a Divorce If Your Spouse Is in Prison?

You absolutely can go through with the divorce while your spouse is in prison. In fact, with the spouse being in prison it may actually make the process move faster than it normally would. It will be easier to serve him/her the papers and since Wisconsin is a no-fault case, you don't have to worry about establishing a fault or cause for divorce.

It should be noted that although it seems like a rather cut and dry divorce case, it is not that advisable doing it on your own. You should still contact a Wisconsin divorce lawyer so that your rights are protected and receive all that you are entitled to. There is also a possibility that his /her family could try and get involved too. The judgment of a divorce trial has a huge impact on your future and I would not advise trying to do it without proper representation.

References: How to File for Divorce if Your Husband is in Jail

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