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The names and scenarios in this article have been altered to maintain attorney-client privilege. This story illustrates the types of legal matters our attorneys handle, but for privacy reasons, we never discuss case outcomes.

Getting consistent child support in Milwaukee County can be an uphill battle for any parent. When the other parent isn't making regular payments, it creates financial instability and stress. You may be unsure of how to get the courts involved or unaware of the procedures and hearings required. An experienced Milwaukee child support attorney can help guide you through the local court system and protect your rights. Attorney Austin Miller of Sterling Lawyers understands these challenges. With offices in Green Bay, he frequently helps Milwaukee County residents resolve child support issues.

Rebecca was facing difficulties securing steady child support from her child's father who lives in Milwaukee, WI. At 32 years old, Rebecca works hard as a certified public accountant to provide for her 8-year-old daughter. As a single parent, she rents a modest two-bedroom apartment in West Allis. Without consistent child support payments coming in, Rebecca worried about covering all of her daughter's expenses plus rent and utilities. She needed legal help to get regular child support, but navigating the court system seemed daunting. That's when she contacted Attorney Miller.

Like many single parents, Rebecca’s busy schedule revolved around work and caring for her daughter. As a CPA, her days were consumed with audits, financial statements, and tax returns. She dropping her daughter off at school in the morning before commuting to downtown Milwaukee. In the evenings, she prepared dinner, helped with homework, and got her daughter ready for the next day. But in the back of her mind, Rebecca constantly worried about money. Her ex-partner had been inconsistent with child support payments over the past few months. Some months he provided the full amount, other months only partial payments. Rebecca never knew what to expect. This made budgeting incredibly difficult.

With an 8-year-old child, expenses were high. There were school supplies, clothes, haircuts, groceries, utilities, rent, and more. Rebecca’s paycheck from the accounting firm helped cover the bills, but it was always tight. She needed that supplemental child support money to provide her daughter with necessities and a comfortable life. But the unpredictable payments wreaked havoc on Rebecca’s budget. She began using credit cards to bridge the gap, accumulating interest charges and fees. Her stress increased exponentially. Something had to change. This is where Milwaukee child support lawyers come in to help.

Rebecca decided to consult with an attorney about petitioning the court for more dependable child support. She chose Attorney Miller because of his ample experience handling Milwaukee County family law cases, especially child support matters. Attorney Miller knew Rebecca needed help navigating the specific procedures in Milwaukee County Circuit Court when it came to modifying child support orders.

The first step was gathering financial information from both parents, including pay stubs, bank statements, bills, debts, and assets. Attorney Miller assisted Rebecca in compiling all the right documentation. Next, they had to complete and file a petition with the court requesting a child support modification hearing. Milwaukee County's family court uses their own local forms for this petition. Attorney Miller ensured all the Milwaukee paperwork was properly completed and submitted.

Once the petition was filed, the court scheduled a hearing before a family court commissioner. Attorney Miller represented Rebecca at the hearing, presenting her case for increased child support and answering questions. The commissioner considered factors like income changes and the current needs of the child. In the end, the commissioner decided to increase the monthly child support amount to better align with state guidelines. Attorney Austin Miller's knowledge and experience with Milwaukee County's procedures made all the difference in getting this favorable outcome.

While Rebecca was relieved to have more consistent child support, some complications remained. The other parent was not always timely with payments, despite the formal court order. When this happened, Attorney Miller helped file motions to enforce the child support order. He also assisted when contempt motions were required after repeated late payments. This ongoing legal assistance ensured Rebecca received the child support owed to her daughter.

Navigating the courthouse alone without legal counsel would have been extremely difficult and stressful for Rebecca. The hearings and unfamiliar procedures are confusing enough when you have a knowledgeable attorney by your side. Without that guidance, Rebecca would likely have become frustrated with the legal system and uncertain about her rights. The outcome may not have been as favorable either. Attorney Austin Miller's skills with local rules, forms, laws, and processes made all the difference.

When you're seeking more reliable child support, having an attorney's assistance can provide immense peace of mind during an already difficult time. At Sterling Lawyers, our Milwaukee child support lawyers have helped many single parents obtain and enforce fair child support orders. We understand time is precious as a single parent. Let us handle the stress of court hearings and legal arguments while you focus on your child. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you gain the child support your family deserves.

The names and scenarios in this article have been altered to maintain attorney-client privilege. This story illustrates the types of legal matters our attorneys handle, but for privacy reasons, we never discuss case outcomes.

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