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Attorney Michelle L. Gordon
225 S Monroe Ave
Suite 10
Green Bay, WI 54301
(920) 945-5133

Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Green Bay, WI
Licensed Since 1998

Average Client Rating

4.3 out of 5
Based on 248 Client Reviews

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Awesome communication! Michelle and Stephanie answered all my questions and are very easy to talk to. I’m very happy to be working with an incredibly knowledgeable Attorney and Paralegal. As well as a great company. The videos helped a ton!

Client:Jason L
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
July 10, 2024

I would highly recommend Michelle Gordon. I felt she had my best interest at heart, and if I ever do find myself in need of an attorney, I will contact her again without hesitation.

Client:Brook L
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
July 10, 2024

I did appreciate Michelle Gordon's help on everything. She has helped me get my boys back in my life and that is something that means so much. My case is not completely done and I wish I still had her to finish it up because I am worried that I will not get everything on record and the mother will go back to doing what she did from the beginning. Unfortunately, this has taken a huge toll on my finances and my company. I couldn’t afford the high payments for Michelle so now I am going at this alone and not knowing what will happen. She was the angle I needed. So I guess my feedback would be. If you guys would have a lower payment plan because, after a few large payments, it’s starting to get tight. Especially if paying so much for just a court date once every two months or more. I went to court three times and spent about 20+ grand I believe. I wanted 50/50 placement and custody along with everything split down the middle with the mother. And I only got two days a week and every other Saturday overnight.

Client:Jeremiah M
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
July 10, 2024

Michelle is very nice I liked her a lot. The only issue I have is the amount I have to pay it's kind of hard to come up with that kind of money. I'm going to wait a little bit maybe a week or so and decide but I'm sure I'll hire I just wish you guys could cut me a break on the price. Thank you

Client:Jeffrey A
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
June 27, 2024

Paid for coaching but couldn’t get any solid answers on spousal support or child support. Was told there is a formula but I had all info for salaries and couldn’t get a ballpark figure.

Client:Corey K
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
June 27, 2024

Thanks to Michelle Gordon and Sterling Lawers team for everything and for being part of this difficult journey. Definitely recommend.

Client:Jonathan Mejia M
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
June 20, 2024

So for one thing if your a guy your just at the mercy of the judge for child support might as well bring lube and take it. If the judge doesn't give two shits like mine, ya lose. my lawyer couldn't get a word in. I paid 5k for knowledge but it's useless If the judge is an asshole. I literally had 3-4 phone calls with my lawyer probably a dozen emails with her helper then I get this great email after in my eyes losing the court battle. about how you've earned the whole 5.5k and that the last bill will be sent out I figured I had to pay anyway, could have just said that the last bill will be sent out.. not that you've earned it. when I got literally nothing for it.. couldn't even get the tax credit this year so I miss out on two of them wich would have helped. I got screwed I literally have him 50/50 but nooo cause I have a 4 on 4 off schedule a 8 day week bull crap it turns out 57/43 I don't see why if she can't afford him why don't I get him. the system is such crap. This experience was just trash I paid all that money for nothing. she just walks in without representation and got what she wanted. So if your a guy no you probably shouldn't even worry just bite the bullet if your female ya don't need representation either. yes I'm a little angry yes, I know you probably did stuff that I didn't see. But that's how I feel was just a terrible experience for me wish everyone well thanks for trying a guess.

Client:David T
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
June 12, 2024
Client:Jennifer B
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
June 3, 2024
Client:Rebecca R
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
May 27, 2024

Attorney Gordon offered great service and advice through the whole process.

Client:Travis B
Attorney Hired:Michelle L. Gordon
May 17, 2024

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Bar Memberships

State Bar Of Wisconsin 5
State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 1998
Eastern District of Wisconsin U.S. District Court
Admitted in 2000
United States District Court
Western District of Wisconsin U.S. District Court
Admitted in 2002


University Of Wisconsin Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence: Social Work (1998)
University Of Wisconsin Madison
Masters: Social Work (1998)
University Of Wisconsin Madison
Northwestern College
Bachelor of Arts: Social Work (1995)
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