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About Sterling Lawyers

It can be a shock to a spouse in a marriage when a divorce is initiated. Some people are unaware of their spouse's unhappiness or of their plan to leave and simply don't see it coming. This devastating news can lead to a gamut of emotions ranging from confusion and anger to going into full-on crisis mode.

An already emotionally strained situation can get worse when children are involved. Child custody battles are emotionally charged undertakings that many parents are not equipped to confront.

So why is it that such a large number of law practices set their family law cases aside for later? Why should a person take a gamble and put any faith in an attorney that has not had much practice in family law or made it their first concern?

When searching for a Menasha divorce lawyer you owe it to yourself and your family to find an attorney who doesn't put family law on the back burner.

Sterling Lawyers are the cream of the crop when it involves family law cases. We work on everything including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. The team at Sterling Law are highly qualified and have the vast experience and know-how to get the best outcome for their clients.

We are committed to putting our clients' needs first and this encompasses all facets of the operation, including the bill. Since we use a flat-rate fee, you know exactly how much you're paying with no unexpected charges in the end. Litigation surrounding children can quickly become complex and problematic, but no matter how time-consuming it becomes the price remains the same. The flat fee extends to all areas of communication, mobile transport and any time our lawyers spend with a client.

Unlike other law offices, Sterling Lawyers exclusively practice family law and are adept in the practice. Our law firm has had years of experience practicing family law throughout Wisconsin and Winnebago County.

This singular focus has also resulted in us having an extensive network of people to help us. These include guardian the ad litem, social workers, and court officials.

Our family law practice recognizes that litigation can be confusing at times. To combat this, we keep all lines of communication open and provide you with any updates as they come in. Our client's opinions and apprehensions about their case are of the utmost importance to us. If you have an issue, we encourage you to let us know.

The first step to the opening the next chapter in your life is to set up a consultation in one of our offices near Menasha. Call us or e-mail today to see what Sterling Lawyers can do for you.

Directions to our Offices

Our locations serving family law clients in Menasha, WI: Click here to launch the Fox Valley area in Google Maps.

Appleton Office

This might be the most convenient location for you.

  1. Head south on Racine Street.
  2. Take a left on Ahnaip Street. Take a right on Nicolet Blvd then a slight left on N Commercial Street.
  3. Turn right on Winneconne Ave, and from Winneconne merge onto I-41/US-41 N.
  4. Follow I-41 north for about five and a half miles then take exit 137.
  5. Turn left on W College Ave then take another left on S Nicole Road.
  6. The building will be on the right-hand side.

There is free parking available conveniently around the building and the main entrance is on the south side. The trip is about 10 miles with an estimated drive time of 18 minutes.

Green Bay Office

  1. Head north on Racine Street/Racine Road and at the traffic circle north of 9th street, take the second exit to merge onto US-10 E.
  2. Continue heading east, staying on the highway when it turns into WI-441 N.
  3. After about 20 miles turn right to exit onto I-41/US-41 N.
  4. Follow I-41 N for another 19 miles.
  5. When you see signs for exit 164A and 164B, stay right at the fork to take exit 164B and merge briefly onto WI-172 E.
  6. In another two miles, take the Riverside Drive exit and keep left, following signs for Webster Ave.
  7. Turn left on Webster Ave then take another left on W Allouez Ave.
  8. Turn left on Riverside Drive and the building will be on the right-hand side.

There is free parking both in front and behind the building. The trip is about 35 miles with an estimated drive time of 37 minutes.

Oshkosh Office

  1. Head south on Racine Street.
  2. Turn left onto Ahnaip Street.
  3. Take a right on Nicolet Blvd then a slight left on N Commercial Street.
  4. Turn right on Winneconne Ave, and from Winneconne merge onto I-41/US-41 S.
  5. Follow I-41 S for nine miles.
  6. Take exit 120 and stay left to go on Algoma Blvd, continuing straight through any traffic circles.
  7. Eventually, Algoma Blvd will turn right and become High Ave.
  8. Continue straight and head towards downtown, then turn left on Division Street then another left on Algoma Blvd.
  9. Once on Algoma Blvd, you'll see a sign for the 240 Beach Building, turn here to find parking.

Once you've parked, go into the clear door accessible from the parking lot. The blue door at the front of the building is not open. The trip is about 17 miles with an estimated drive time of 27 minutes.

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