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When my boyfriend lived with me, my parents paid for our apartment, which cost them roughly $5,000 over the past two years. We split up, but he will not pay my parents or myself back any of that money. Does this qualify as unjust enrichment?

Family Law Attorney Response:

I need more details to see if you're able to get some of the money back.

As discussed in Lawlis v. Thompson 137 Wis.2d 490, 405 N.W.2d 317 (1987), there are three elements for unjust enrichment that should be reviewed: a benefit conferred upon the defendant by the plaintiff; appreciation by the defendant of the fact of such benefit; acceptance and retention by the defendant of such benefit, under circumstances such that it would be inequitable to retain the benefit without payment of the value thereof.

Here's an example and definition of unlawful enrichment.

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