Should I Go out With My Ex Again?

Before giving an answer, it's important to reflect and find the reason why they are asking you out again or why you want to see them. Learn to say no and know when to say it if you don't like where the relationship is heading. Lastly, take advise from your lawyer as they are there to help you.

Just when you are ready to move on and let go of all the bad things that happened between you and your ex, he or she may start to get in touch with you again. When this happens, an environment of awkwardness may be created. You may start to wonder whether you want to be with or at least be around him or her. Things may get complicated especially if you have already discussed some legal matters about the separation from the other party.

Why Your Ex Wants to See You

The first question that you should ask yourself is why your ex still wants to see you. Ask him or her politely why there is a need to see each other again. This is important in order to prepare yourself for your meeting, date or whatever you call it. Do not make any assumption for you might get it wrong. The safest way to handle this situation is to be honest with your ex and inquire as to the motives for your meet up.

Learn To Say No

Once you are able to identify the reasons why your ex needs to see you, the next thing to do is to decide whether your answer would be a yes or a no. It is proper to say “no” once you discover that your ex is merely trying to get an emotional advantage over you. Do not give him or her a chance to sway you away from your decision of getting a divorce. Avoid meeting up with the other spouse especially if all he or she wants is to get confidential information from you. Be smart enough to say no and move on from your failed marriage. Most importantly, remember that if you are uncomfortable with your ex, it is always recommended that you do not accede to his or her invitation for a date or meet up.

Talk To Your Lawyer

This is something that you should not disregard. Always consider talking to your local law offices before meeting with an ex-partner. Take note that there are many legal matters that must be kept within you and your lawyer. Once you decide to go out with your former spouse, there is a tendency that you may spill them out. Hence, it is imperative that you communicate with your attorney first so he or she can give you an advice on what you can share and what you cannot share.

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