How To Be Your Kid's Sounding Board During Divorce

Getting a divorce can affect a big aspect of your life. It means you and your spouse will start a new life separately. In doing such, you have to take into consideration how the people surrounding you would feel, especially your children. Once you tell them that you are separating, they will have mixed emotions.
Any attorney would say do not worry, because such a reaction is perfectly normal. However, you need to make them feel comfortable about your decision.

Tell Them the Reason for the Divorce

This is the first thing you should do in regards to your children. Explain to your kids why the marriage is ending. Help them understand the situation and the reasons why their parents have decided to go separate ways. Children are too emotional when it comes to family issues, so make an effort to connect with them. Do not allow the divorce between you and your partner affect your relationship with your sons and daughters.

Listen to Your Children

Communication between you and your children is really important during the divorce proceedings. Make sure that you listen to what they have to say about certain things. Let them express what they feel. There may be times when they will try to convince you to get back with your husband or wife. Instead of telling them right away that the decision is final, just let them and simply listen. At the end of your conversation, reassure them that even if their parents are breaking up, both of you will still be there for them.

Seek the Help of Professionals

If you feel that the divorce is taking a toll on your children's lives, then it is time to talk to a child counselor. This person will help the kids cope with the sudden divorce between you and your partner. Child counseling will enable children to open up with how they truly feel about the divorce. At the same time, a counselor can give them a better understanding about the situation.

When it comes to legal matters or issues, you can also seek the help of a lawyer. A good attorney can guide you as to the important or material legal aspects of the case. He can assist you in promoting the rights of your children during and after the divorce. Take note that getting a divorce does not only involve the marriage but also your duties and obligations to your children.

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