Why Attend Marriage Counseling

Is marriage counseling worth it? Could your marriage be saved by counseling? Read what Attorney Dan Exner has to say on this topic.

You should be aware of four major statistics before proceeding with a divorce.

  • Children are 68% more likely to live in poverty after their parents separate.
  • Children of divorce or separated parents are 6 times more likely to get divorced as an adult.
  • Second marriages end in divorce 67% of the time within five years of getting remarried.
  • Third marriages end in divorce 73% of the time within five years of getting remarried.

We do not want you to become a statistic. We want to help you avoid the pitfalls of divorce so you have a better future.

Marriage counseling can help get you there. Even if there is no hope of making your current marriage work marriage counseling will give you a better future.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Research finds individuals who attend marriage counseling more successfully avoid becoming a statistic. Specifically counseling helps people identify personal issues, which made their way into the marriage unknowingly.

Marriages Do Not Fail…People Fail

Even if your marriage cannot be saved by counseling you can start the healing process with counseling. Counseling will help you identify character flaws to which you are unaware. This will help you understand more about yourself, leading you to find a better match in the future.

Also, identifying our own personal struggles will allow us to deal with our past, which buts its evil head into our future. Dealing with the past will enable you and your future to be happier and more successful.

Top Marriage Counselors in the Area

There are many marriage counselors in Wisconsin, but the best two counseling services are:

There are also many faith-based counselors in the area to help you through this difficult time. Depending on your religious affiliation you can find success at the following places.

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