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 – from Rebecca Q. in Bayside, WI

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I was recently in a car accident which cased me to miss work. Over the last two weeks I have visited the doctors office twice, been to the emergency room, and missed ten days of work. I was hit while riding my bicylce. The driver did pull over and was cited for a ticket. I do not have insurance and I do not know what to do. Do I need to file a personal injury claim or have a lawyer file a claim for me?

Personal Injury Lawyer Response:

What you are doing right now is the right thing. When injured first seek medical attention. Once you are back on your feet start keeping good records.

We advise all potential clients with personal injury claims from car accidents to work with a personal injury lawyer. Almost all personal injury lawyers work on contingency agreements, meaning they only get paid a percentage of what is collected from the settlement. This means it costs you nothing out of pocket.

Whether you decide to file the claim with or without the assistance of a lawyer, remember to keep track of your records. This includes medical bills, pay stubs if you have lost wages, records of additional burdens placed on loved ones during your recovery, expenses related to prescriptions and pain medication, etc.

If you do follow through and seek a personal injury claim you would be seeking compensation first from the drivers insurance carrier and second from the driver.

Hope you have a quick recovery. Contact us if you need further assistance in filling a claim.

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