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 – from Harold J. in Brookfield, WI

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Do attorneys use the same type of sources to determine personal injury payouts as insurance claim adjusters? I was in a car accident neat the Pabst Mansion, and I am now unable to jog or work out like I used too. I am afraid this will affect my health.

Personal Injury Lawyer Response:

The short answer is no.

When a personal injury lawyer evaluates a case they do so on a case by case basis. No attorney no matter how experienced has a magic formula. Personal injury cases are evaluated based on severity and permanence of the injury. After the evaluation we try to recover damages in two categories the first being economic damages like medical bill costs and lost wages. The second category is pain and suffering like loss of happiness due to inability to function physically as you were accustomed in the past. Another factor that is considered is the age of the injured party when considering support of spouse and children as dependents.

Generally these factors are balanced against the strength of the liability in the case. The biggest and final factor in recouping compensation for damages in a personal injury case is the settlement and trial experience of your lawyer. Past experience can be drawn on to achieve greater payouts. Experienced lawyers will understand how to negotiate on your behalf to maximize your payout.

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