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I was in a car accident six months ago. It is now October and I just received a notice a personal injury claim has been filed against me. How much later after the incident can a personal injury claim be filed?

Personal Injury Lawyer Response:

A claim can be filed with in the statue of limitations, which under Wisconsin state law section 893.54 is three years. Typically personal injury cases are not filed for sometime after the accident. This allows the victim of the accident to fully heal and receive compensation for all the medical expenses and lost wages.

The personal injury lawyers from Sterling Law Offices advise all personal injury victims to fully heal before filling a claim. This ensures they fully recover from the injury without the risk of a masked symptom coming back and costing thousands of dollars.

To set some expectations the claim filed against you will likely seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, as well as any future damages medical professionals see as debilitating to the victim.

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