Is Divorce the Right Choice or Should We Try a Legal Separation?

Legal separation allows a couple to remain married, maintaining the financial advantages of marriage while being able to live separate lives. An absolute divorce completely dissolves the marriage. If the couple reconciles, the court can set aside the judgment of legal separation and revoke any orders in place relating to maintenance, child support, and custody.

Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce

Unfortunately there is little difference between a legal separation and divorce from the perspective of litigation. The same paper work and forms are required in both actions, and there is no difference in the filing fee.

If you contact a good divorce lawyer they can explain the tax advantages of a legal separation compared to a divorce. Also, medical benefits from an employers are typically still available to couples who are legal separated, but not divorced. However, with legal separation, there has to be certain grounds for the separation to take place.

In all the cost of legal separation compared to a divorce are basically the same. Legal separation has tax and benefits advantages for the couple. A legal separation can be converted to a divorce in the future, but this will cost extra money. If you do decide to get a divorce in the future, remember to find a divorce lawyer you like and trust.

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