What You Need to Know About Waukesha Divorce Mediation Lawyers

The names and scenarios have been altered to maintain attorney-client privilege. This story illustrates the types of matters our Waukesha divorce mediation lawyers handle and for privacy reasons we never talk about the outcome of the case.

Attorney Robert Keenan of Sterling Lawyers in Waukesha was recently retained by Chloe, a 45-year-old female client living in Wales, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Chloe is a registered nurse with two minor children. She owns a single-family house in a suburban neighborhood. Chloe is now going through a divorce mediation process and has concerns about child custody resolution and the financial implications for her home ownership. She feels overwhelmed navigating the legal process on her own.

As a busy registered nurse and mother of two, Chloe’s life is full of responsibilities. She works long shifts at the hospital in Waukesha, WI caring for patients while also trying to take care of her children. Her profession as a nurse requires specialized knowledge, long hours on your feet, and can be both physically and emotionally draining.

Outside of work, as a single mother, Chloe has to manage her children’s school activities, medical appointments, and day-to-day needs. Making sure they are fed, clothed, transported, and given lots of love and attention takes immense time and energy.

On top of the demands of work and parenting, Chloe now has to deal with the complication of divorce mediation. She is worried about how child custody will be handled and what will happen with her home that she owns. Divorce inevitably involves many complex financial and legal matters regarding shared assets and debts. For Chloe, the stakes feel especially high because she owns her home and doesn’t want to lose it.

As the sole provider and full-time caregiver for her children, the thought of now having to navigate Waukesha County’s legal system feels overwhelming for Chloe. She isn’t familiar with the local procedures or knowledgeable about family law. The uncertainties around child custody and her property have caused high stress and anxiety.

Attorney Robert Keenan has extensive experience with divorce and family law matters in Waukesha County. He understands the complications and confusion Chloe is experiencing while trying to mediate her divorce alone.

With deep knowledge of local family court rules, Attorney Keenan strategically guides Chloe through each step of the process. He gathers pertinent documents, conducts discovery, and handles all communication with Chloe’s ex and the court personnel on her behalf. Attorney Keenan’s knowledge allows him to realistically advise Chloe on viable options regarding child custody and her goals to retain ownership of her home.

Most importantly, Attorney Keenan provides Chloe with a sense of security during an incredibly unsettling time. His compassionate counsel eases her mind while his legal skills protect her interests. Attorney Keenan appreciates how emotionally taxing matters of divorce and child custody can be. He works diligently to secure the most favorable outcome possible so Chloe can move forward.

To help clients like Chloe through divorce mediation cases, Attorney Robert Keenan must follow specific legal procedures dictated by Waukesha County courts:

  1. Initial Filing – An original summons and petition officially commencing the divorce is filed with the Waukesha County Clerk of Circuit Court. This petition outlines requests regarding child custody, asset division, debts, spousal maintenance, and other matters to be mediated.
  2. Financial Disclosure – Each party must complete a financial disclosure listing all assets, debts, income sources, and expenses. Attorney Keenan gathers all necessary documentation.
  3. Discovery – Attorney Keenan sends discovery requests to the spouse/ex-spouse’s attorney to obtain additional financial information. He may also take depositions.
  4. Mediation Session – The parties meet with a neutral mediator to discuss terms of divorce related to finances, property division, and child-related matters like custody. They attempt to reach mutual agreement guided by the mediator.
  5. Final Hearing – If mediation results in agreement, a final divorce hearing is scheduled. The presiding court commissioner reviews all paperwork ensuring compliance with legal guidelines for property division, maintenance, custody, etc.
  6. Judgement of Divorce – The court approves all agreements made and enters a final judgement of divorce. Attorney Keenan helps explain obligations and ensures all client rights are protected.

The complicated divorce mediation process involves many unfamiliar procedures, government agencies, and legal terminology. Without Attorney Robert Keenan guiding her through each stage, Chloe would likely experience heightened anxiety and frustration.

Navigating dense paperwork, financial disclosures, discovery, and mediation negotiations alone would be extremely difficult for someone without legal knowledge. The risk of overlooking important details or deadlines is high when trying to self-represent. Without Attorney Keenan speaking on her behalf, Chloe’s interests could be underserved.

But with Attorney Keenan as her counsel, Chloe can feel confident knowing an experienced family law attorney is protecting her rights. Attorney Keenan's knowledge of mediation procedures, family court rules, and state divorce laws ensures the best outcome possible is secured. No amount of money or property is worth more than peace of mind during divorce.

Clients never get a redo in legal proceedings – having competent counsel from the start prevents irreversible mistakes. Whether helping craft persuasive arguments in mediation or catching errors in paperwork, Attorney Keenan uses his skills to Chloe's advantage. Relying on his skills allows Chloe to focus on her children and career while her future is safeguarded.

The names and scenarios have been altered to maintain attorney-client privilege. This story illustrates the types of matters the attorney handles and for privacy reasons we never talk about the outcome of the case.

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