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Modify Alimony Orders in Wisconsin

When circumstances change significantly modifications can be made to alimony

modify wisconsin alimony orders
Both the payor and receiver of spousal support may ask for a change. However, the court will not modify anything unless there is a substantial change in circumstances. Examples include, the loss of a job or an increase in the cost of living. In a similar way if an ex-spouse receiving support moves in with a boyfriend or girlfriend the payor may be able to justify a change in circumstances and lower payments.
In some circumstances even a substantial change in income may not be sufficient reason to modify payments. In cases where the payor pays a percentage, for example 10%, of their income to the other spouse just because income is reduced does not mean the percentage should change. It will depend on the circumstances of your original divorce proceeding.
Whatever the situation when financial changes occur ensure you know your rights and all factors are taken into account so your alimony order is a fair, equitable alimony order.
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