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We believe strong families are at the heart of our children's future.
The Benefits of Day Camps for Kids

The Benefits of Day Camps for Kids

Tony Karls, host of Flourishing Families, sits down with Pat Quin of Cedar Springs Outdoor Adventure Day Camp and the conversation quickly turns to the benefits of a child attending day camp. They discuss how day camps provide the child an opportunity to develop foundations of their character.

The Stages of Financial Independence

The Stages of Financial Independence

We recently sat down with George Schmidley of Affiliated Financial Advisors for this video about getting started towards financial independence and followed up with questions where we ask him about the stages of financial independence and if this were a goal or a process.

How to Choose a Financial Advisor For Your Family

How to Choose a Financial Advisor For Your Family

When choosing a financial advisor, decide if you need all aspects of financial planning or and investment advisor only. You'll want to ask how the financial advisor is compensated, what type of clients they work with, examples of success, up to date credentials, references, and finally if they are a fiduciary.

Impact of Working with a Weight Loss Coach

Impact of Working with a Weight Loss Coach

Studies show that professional weight loss coaches achieve significant better healthy weight loss than peer-led and mentor-led groups. Losing weight offers health benefits including lowered blood pressure, lowered risk of heart disease and strokes, improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and other lifestyle benefits.

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