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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a parenting plan?

The easiest way to write a parenting plan is to use a template such as one of the templates above. Fill it out step-by-step, thinking about what will be best for your child. If possible, work with the other party and create an agreement together on the best parenting plan.

What should be included in a co-parenting plan?

Co-parenting usually means parties share custody and placement. So, a co-parenting plan should outline the rights and responsibilities of each parent. For example, the plan should detail when the child is with each parent, who will take them to school, and where they will be on different holidays. There are many facets to a good parenting plan, so use a template to make sure you hit each point.

What is a typical custody arrangement?

There are three main custody arrangements: joint, primary, and sole custody. Joint custody means both parents have equal say in major decisions. Primary custody means one parent has the final say in decisions but the other parent has an input. Sole custody means one party is completely responsible for making major decisions.

What makes a parent unfit?

An unfit parent is one who cannot take care of their child. This could be due to things like neglect, abuse, or abandonment. The exact thing that makes a parent unfit could be a lot of different things, but it all boils down to not acting in the child’s best interest.

What is a 50/50 custody state?

A 50/50 custody state is a state that assumes child custody will be jointly shared between the parents. A 50/50 state does not mean parents always share joint custody though. Even in a 50/50 state, if the court believes it is not in the child’s best interest for a parent to have custody, they will not.

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