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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get divorce papers?

In most states, you can download divorce papers online. For example, you can download the divorce forms above and file them with your local court. If you cannot find them online, you can always go to your local clerk of courts. They will be able to give them to you or direct you to where you need to go.

How do I file for divorce for free?

There are filing fees for divorce, but the fees can sometimes be waived if necessary. If you cannot pay the filing fees, contact your local court to see what the process is for waiving the fees. Usually, there is another form that must be filed to waive the fees.

What forms do I need for a divorce?

There are different forms for each stage of the divorce and different forms for different situations. For example, divorces with children will need different forms than those without. For the exact list of forms, click on your state above.

How much does it cost to file divorce papers?

Divorce papers usually cost $200-$400 to file. The amount also depends on whether you are filing first or responding to the other party that filed. Also, the filing fees can often be waived if you are unable to pay for them.

What is the first step to getting a divorce?

The first step to getting a divorce is deciding that you want one. Once you are sure you do want a divorce, the first thing to do is get the necessary paperwork, fill it out, and file it with the courts.

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