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Secure Child Custody

Often the people affected the most by a divorce aren't the adults, but the children. An experienced lawyer can make all the difference in ensuring a big life change is handled in the best way possible.

The term ‘child custody' actually refers to two things: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the parenting schedule – how much time the child spends living with each parent.

There's also legal custody – which is decision-making power over the child. Judges and attorneys always try to encourage the parents to come to a mutual agreement on how exactly these responsibilities are divided.

Child custody law is complicated and needs to be dealt with very carefully. Additionally, the laws around child custody vary greatly between states; the only way to fully understand your situation will be to sit down with an attorney.

To learn more about how child custody works in your state, read the articles we've written on the subject.

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More about Child Custody by State

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide child custody?

The best way to make decisions on a child’s custody is to think of what is in the child’s best interest. Take time to look at the positives and negatives of different options and make your decision.
The court first lets parents try to decide on custody between themselves. If you and the other parent cannot find an arrangement that works for both of you, the court will make one.

Who has the right to child custody?

In most situations, both parents have a right to custody over their child. However, if there is some proof that one parent should not have custody, the other parent may get sole custody.

What is the most common child custody?

Usually, parents share custody 50/50. This means both parents have decision-making rights over the child. As for placement, there are many different placement schedules. Placement schedules depend on what works with the parents’ and children’s schedules.

What does the law say about child custody?

Child custody is a section of family law. Things outlined in child custody laws include decision-making, placement, support, adoption, and more.

Can a father take custody of his child?

Some fathers have custody of their children, others do not. In general, parents cannot take custody of a child. Custody usually has to be agreed upon by both spouses or the court will order who gets what.
If a parent thinks their child is in immediate danger, they should call the police. If they are not in immediate danger, they can file to change the child's custody and placement.

What is a custody arrangement?

A custody arrangement is how major decisions are made for a child. So, if parents have joint custody, then they must both be involved in making major decisions for the child. In other arrangements such as sole custody, only the parent with custody is needed to make a decision.

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