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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average child support payment?

The average child support can range from $10,000 a year to $30,000+ per year. However, the average does not impact your case because child support is only dependent on your situation. It matters more what the income difference is between the parties and how many children there are.

Which parent should pay child maintenance?

The parent that has the children less usually pays child maintenance. However, it also depends on the difference in the party’s income. For example, if the party that has the child less often makes less money, they probably won’t be paying child support.

hen can I stop paying child support?

In most cases, the payer stops paying child support once the child turns 18. However, if that person still owes arrears, that money isn’t just forgiven. So, you stop paying child support when all the back child support is paid or your child turns 18, whichever comes second.
There are also unique situations where some people pay child support after they turn 18. For example, if the child is 18, but they are still in high school, child support is still required.

How is child support calculated?

The exact way child support is calculated differs from state to state. But, in general, the calculation looks at how much each party makes, how often each party has the child, and how much of the child’s expenses each party is responsible for.

Can you dispute the amount of child support?

If you feel the amount you pay in child support is unfair, you can file to modify child support. This most often happens after a change in circumstances has occurred such as the loss of a job.

How do you change child support?

You change child support by filing to modify the child support order. Do this by filing the correct paperwork with your local clerk of courts. Your local child support agency is also a good resource during this process.

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