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How to Avoid Costly Mistakes in a Divorce

Latrice Knighton is a member of the Sterling Law Offices partner team and an award-winning divorce attorney, life coach, and speaker. She helps clients resolve their problems by using legal techniques and smart tactics learned through decades of...

Things You Need to Do to Protect Your Assets After Divorce

Are you worried about protecting the assets you just won in a divorce? You should be. Everyone needs to make sure that they have enough insurance to protect against any loss, and planning for insurance after a divorce is a necessity. I talk to April Carlisle of Farmers Insurance and she talks about when is the right time to start working on insurance planning.

Tips to Dealing with Divorce

Divorce causes parties to experience a lot of emotion. And sometimes those emotions can become too overwhelming. Learn reasons why talking with a therapist can help you, and tips on how to cope with divorce in my conversation with Dr. Dawn Nelson of the Centre for Human Flourishing.

How to Find Money Your Spouse is Hiding

Latrice Knighton is a member of the Sterling Law Offices partner team and an award-winning divorce attorney, life coach, and speaker. She helps clients resolve their problems by using legal techniques and smart tactics learned through decades of...

How to Prove Your Spouse Forged Your Signature

Are you worried that your spouse forged your signature on a loan? Or a check? Do you want to hold them responsible but don't know how you can do it. Jane Lewis, forensic document examiner, can help your attorney prove a forged or fake signature for you. Learn how in this article.

How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

A divorce is a time to look at your saving and spending. You need to know if you have enough money saved for your retirement and money to live comfortably. For many people, it requires you to acknowledge whether you understand your retirement plan or start creating one. Ann Massaro of DiDonato, Massaro & Associates talks about how a certified financial planner can help you!

How to Effectively Serve Divorce Paperwork

Unfortunately, it isn't enough to file the divorce paperwork to start the divorce process. The court can’t make decisions or rulings unless it has jurisdiction over you and your spouse. The court gains jurisdiction over you when you meet residency requirements and file. The court achieves jurisdiction over your spouse when he receives official and verifiable notice of the divorce so he has an opportunity to object to what you’re asking for. Here is firsthand information about the process server does and how they can help you. I interviewed Mark of Due Process Service, LLC.

Top Secrets to Home Buying While Divorcing

Are you worried about where you are going to live after your divorce? Do you want to purchase a home during a divorce but unsure if it is possible? Or, what to do if you want to purchase a home during your divorce? We talk with Anne Brannon, AVP Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with Johnson Bank, who gives you helpful tips to securing a mortgage for your next home now.

How to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

Are you worried about what is going to happen to your home in your divorce? Do you want to keep the home if you can afford it? Or, are you hoping to get a large pay out from your spouse who wants to keep your home? For many people, the value given by a home appraiser has significant impact on the outcome of your divorce. Discover what the process entails and how to prepare for it in my interview with home appraiser Rick Vozar of Vozar Service Appraisals, Inc.

How to Avoid being Charged with a Crime During Divorce

Are you and your spouse constantly fighting? Do you or your spouse threaten to call the police? It is always better to avoid conflict with your spouse and not involve the police when you are going through a divorce. But, if you are being investigated by the police, here are some things that you need to know to avoid an injunction or being charged with a crime.

How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

Are you worrying, “Can afford to divorce?” The answer simply is maybe. Its time to talk about creating a new budget, looking at debts and understanding your retirement future. We have some very helpful answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions – all answered by Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Debra Melvin of Investors Advisory Group.

You can learn more about Debra Melvin at

How to Propel Your Career and Lower Alimony

Will I have to pay alimony? How long will I have to pay alimony? These are top questions most divorcing people want to know. The answer depends on how much your spouse makes and whether they are earning the most money based on their experience and education. Understand how a vocational expert can help increase your spouse's income and lower your alimony.

We interview an expert, Sarah Holmes of Vocational Professionals, to address some of your concerns about your spouse and their employment opportunities. You can learn more about Sarah Holmes at

Top Secrets to Selling a Home During Divorce

Are you going through a divorce and want to get out of your home mortgage? Do you want to sell your home? Are you worried about getting enough money out of the sale of your home? We have asked a top realtor the most frequently asked questions from clients going through a divorce and complied the answers here to help you decide what the best steps for you to get the most money out of the sale of your home.

How to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointment is a hard and complicated feeling. You will experience more than one feeling at a time including hurt, sadness, anger, frustration and many others feelings. When we are disappointed, we may not want to do the things we need to do, which is why we need to learn skills to get over the disappointment sooner than later. You will learn tips to get over disappointment in this blog.

The Importance of Being You

We live in a world where someone is always trying to change us or set expectations on how we should think, feel and behave. But, our thoughts, feelings and actions are soo important. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Here are some tips to help you feel comfortable being yourself.

Why You Should Always Bet On Yourself

Taking risks is a scary thing for most people. And….many people will avoid taking them and leave it up to faith or someone else to do the work for them.
Why? Well, you might get rejected. You might go broke. What if you get sick? What if your plan fails? And on and on…

But here’s the other thing about risks… Usually, you need to take some big ones if you want to achieve great things and live a lifestyle you love.

How to Get the Job You Really Want

If you made a big, career-related New Year's resolution this year, we're betting it's one of three things: finding a new job, getting a big promotion at your current company, or finally venturing out … here are some tips to get started now so you are ahead of the pack.

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