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3 Ways To Start Living A Happier Life

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Latrice Knighton is an award-winning divorce attorney, life coach, and speaker. She solves problems using her experience and legal knowledge to offer practical advice.

Jun 14, 2021

Everyone wants to be happy.

You are not alone in wanting to avoid any challenges that will negatively impact your career, finances, health and, especially, your relationships.

But it is impossible to avoid problems at the office, to ensure that you will always have enough money, that you remain healthy and your relationships remain the same and intact without devolving into a divorce or legal separation.  Especially, since there are forces outside of our control.

However, you can control how you respond to challenges and changes to your career, finances, health and relationships.

When we are faced with a challenge or a change we tend to ask ourselves this very important question:  will I ever be happy again?  The answer, in our darkest hours, is not always obvious.

If you’ve ever worried whether you will ever be happy again, this episode is for you.

In this episode, you’ll get three tips to help you start living a happier life.

What’s more, these same three tips are crucial to ask whenever your are facing a tough time and need guidance. Write them down now and save your future self untold amounts of time, money and heartache.

When it comes to living a happy life — what do you look forward to the most?  How will you obtain it?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember to share as much detail as you’d like in your reply.

You get to choose the path your life takes.  My hope is that today’s show and every show will help you make choices that are aligned with your personal values and goals.

As always, thanks for reading, watching and adding your voice. You matter.  Your voice matters.

With love,


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