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How to Get the Job You Really Want

If you made a big, career-related New Year's resolution this year, we're betting it's one of three things: finding a new job, getting a big promotion at your current company, or finally venturing out … here are some tips to get started now so you are ahead of the pack.

How to Deal with Judgmental People

You are never going to please everyone, ever. Don't let others' negativity push you to live for other people instead of for yourself. Criticism is in your mind. When we stop worrying what others think of us, we feel free to think bigger and pursue our dreams.

3 Ways To Start Living A Happier Life

Everyone wants to be happy.

You are not alone in wanting to avoid any challenges that will negatively impact your career, finances, health and, especially, your relationships.

But it is impossible to avoid problems at the office, to ensure that you will always have enough money, that you remain healthy and your relationships remain the same and intact. Especially, since there are forces outside of our control.

Here are 3 important tips to regain happiness when things happy out of our control.

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