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Untangling the Web of Property Division Laws in Schaumburg

The details of the following story have been modified to protect attorney-client privilege. This illustrates the type of cases handled by our Schaumburg property division lawyers and is shared for educational purposes only. For privacy reasons, outcomes are never shared.

Going through a divorce while trying to divide up property and assets can be an extremely difficult and confusing process. 41-year-old Emma, a veterinarian living in Schaumburg, Illinois, was facing this struggle. With the help of Attorney Nina of Sterling Lawyers in Schaumburg, Illinois, Emma was able to make sense of the bureaucracy and protect her rights and interests during her property division case in Cook County.

As a veterinarian with her own successful small animal clinic in Schaumburg, Emma devoted long hours to caring for pets in her community. She loved the busy hustle and bustle of animals coming in and out each day for wellness visits, vaccines, surgeries and more. Emma’s clinic employed several vet techs, receptionists and kennel assistants. She took pride in being able to provide jobs to hard working individuals in the community. Outside of work, Emma was a busy single mom to her 13-year-old daughter. Managing her daughter’s busy school and extracurricular schedules on top of running her veterinary practice kept Emma on her toes.

After nearly 15 years of marriage, Emma made the difficult decision to get divorced due to irreconcilable differences with her ex-spouse. While their relationship had started off strong, over time they had grown apart to the point where separation was the healthiest option.

With assets to divide ranging from real estate property to retirement accounts, Emma was extremely overwhelmed trying to navigate the property division on her own. On top of her already packed schedule juggling her business and family life, tackling complex property laws and court procedures seemed impossible without legal guidance. Emma needed an advocate in her corner to help protect her interests so she could stay focused on what mattered most – her daughter and her passion for caring for animals.

Attorney Nina Kelly has extensive experience handling complex asset division. With her background working for the State’s Attorney's office and in family law, Attorney Nina Kelly understands both the legal side and emotional side of divorce. When Emma was confused and frustrated trying to handle property division on her own, Attorney Nina stepped in to lift that burden. Her process involves first gaining a complete understanding of all marital assets and debts. She then thoroughly explains Illinois laws regarding asset distribution and helps her client understand what is legally possible. While aiming to avoid unnecessary disputes, Attorney Nina Kelly fiercely protects her client’s rights and advocates for the fairest outcome. For Emma, Attorney Nina used her courtroom skills and creative problem solving to secure a favorable settlement of assets allowing Emma to maintain ownership of her veterinary clinic. This ensured Emma could continue focusing on her business and providing for her daughter without disruption. Throughout the entire legal process, Attorney Nina Kelly offered Emma knowledgeable legal advice along with genuine emotional support during an extremely difficult chapter of her life.

Handling this complex multi-step process alone without legal experience can be extremely difficult and lead to critical mistakes. An experienced attorney understands the required procedures, laws, and court rules to efficiently progress through each stage. With Attorney Nina overseeing each detail, clients like Emma can feel confident their rights are protected.

Going through a divorce and property division in Cook County can be an overwhelming experience full of bureaucracy and legalese. Having an advocate like Cook County property division lawyer Nina to handle the details allows you to focus on your own life. With her extensive legal experience and genuine compassion for clients, Attorney Nina can guide you through the process, protect your rights, and help you secure the fairest outcome. If you are facing property division, contact Attorney Nina today to schedule a consultation and learn how she can help you move forward during this difficult time.

The details of the preceding story have been modified to protect attorney-client privilege. It illustrates the types of cases handled by the firm and is shared for educational purposes only. For privacy reasons, outcomes are never shared.

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