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Making Sense of Complicated Family Law Cases with Naperville Paternity Lawyers

The names and details in this story have been changed to protect client confidentiality. It illustrates the types of cases our Naperville paternity lawyers handle but does not reference specific outcomes.

Brian is a 32-year-old father of two young kids residing in Naperville, Illinois. He recently learned he may have another child from a previous relationship and wants to establish paternity and child support legally. Unsure of how to navigate this process in Cook County, Brian seeks experienced guidance during this sensitive personal matter. Attorney Ellen J. Rhodeman has the family law knowledge to assist clients like Brian in resolving complex cases and obtaining the clarity needed to move forward.

As a busy loan officer and father, Brian maintains an active schedule caring for his two children while commuting to his job in downtown Chicago. His days are filled with getting the kids off to school, working long hours at the office, and spending evenings shuttling his children to activities and helping with homework.

Amidst the demands of work and family life, Brian received word from an ex-girlfriend that he may be the father of her young son conceived during their previous years-ago relationship. Understandably, this news raises pressing legal and emotional questions for Brian at an already stressful time. Though the relationship ended amicably, Brian now needs to determine paternity conclusively and arrange child support if he is the father.

Most concerning for Brian is making the right decisions for all children involved. He lacks knowledge of how to navigate this legally and wants experienced guidance during this challenging circumstance. Though Brian has limited time and financial resources, he recognizes the value of having a knowledgeable family law attorney on his side as he works through this sensitive personal matter and unfamiliar court process.

Attorney Ellen J. Rhodeman understands the wide range of concerns faced by clients like Brian who are establishing paternity and obtaining child support. She appreciates the uncertainty, confusion, and sleepless nights this situation can cause, on top of an already demanding work and family routine.

By meeting one-on-one with Brian, Attorney Rhodeman explains each step of the legal process in easy-to-grasp language. She handles filing the proper paperwork to establish paternity and secure child support if Brian is the father. Attorney Rhodeman manages all correspondence, filings, calls, and details with the Cook County courts. This allows Brian to focus on his career, parenting responsibilities, and processing this life change.

Additionally, Attorney Rhodeman's courtroom skills help Brian obtain a fair child support order tailored to his income and expenses. She works tenaciously while maintaining civility with the other party, keeping Brian's children's best interests at the forefront. Her legal knowledge provides Brian with the clarity and security needed during this sensitive time.

Here is an overview of the key steps Attorney Rhodeman guides clients through when establishing paternity and obtaining child support in Cook County:

  1. File Petition to Determine Parentage – Legally commences the process of identifying the father
  2. Serve Petition to Both Parents – Provides formal notice to the involved parties
  3. Schedule DNA Testing – Court orders testing to conclusively determine paternity
  4. Establish Legal Paternity – Court issues Order of Parentage if tests confirm
  5. Open Child Support Case – Case initiated once paternity is legally determined
  6. Calculate Support Amount – Court assesses the amount based on standard guidelines
  7. Issue Court Order – Legally-binding Order outlines support obligations

Without proper legal counsel, Brian would need to manage this bureaucratic process solo while coping with the relationship complexities. Attorney Rhodeman's knowledge ensures deadlines are met and details handled correctly so Brian's case proceeds smoothly. Brian’s scenario shows why skilled legal representation is so valuable when establishing paternity and arranging child support. These cases involve rigid court rules and highly emotional personal matters. An experienced family law attorney like Ellen Rhodeman lifts the bureaucratic burden so clients like Brian can focus on their family during this pivotal crossroads.

With her in-depth knowledge and prowess in court, Attorney Rhodeman is the strong advocate you need on your side. She understands these cases take an emotional toll and provides clients with strategic legal representation as well as compassionate support. Attorney Rhodeman has successfully handled every step of the paternity and child support process many times.

If you are located in Cook County and need help determining paternity legally, contact Sterling Lawyers in Naperville to schedule a consultation. Share the details of your unique situation and concerns. You need an attorney well-versed in family law guiding you through this multifaceted process. With her insightful counsel and steadfast commitment to clients, Attorney Rhodeman has a proven record of attaining favorable outcomes. Don't go it alone. Let her protect your interests and gain the clarity needed to move forward.

The preceding story illustrates the types of cases this law firm handles but included fictional names and situations. Confidentiality has been protected.

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