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How to Get a Temporary Order during a Divorce in Illinois

A Temporary Order is a legally binding judgment that both parties must follow while the divorce is being negotiated. This often takes a financial form, such as orders to stop certain types of expenditures, freezing bank accounts, temporary payment of support, and status quo orders which seek to reasonably replicate what life was like before filing a divorce.

Temporary Orders can also take the form of restraining orders or stopping a spouse from disposing of property as well.

The ultimate goal of any order is to maintain a level of peace and normalcy while the divorce case is still proceeding.

In the case of status quo orders mentioned above, the spouse who provided insurance or paid the bills will be ordered to continue doing so until the judgment is final.

A Temporary Order is not final and will likely be changed or completely end at the time of the final divorce judgment.

Many times a Temporary Order is needed when one spouse is the primary breadwinner and the other spouse is either a homemaker or earns substantially less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a temporary order?

A temporary order is an order that lasts until the end of a divorce. These are most commonly used for child custody and placement. But they can include aspects of child support, property division, alimony, and more.

Can you get alimony during a divorce?

You can get alimony during a divorce. This would fall under a temporary order, and you can calculate your alimony using the alimony calculator. You can get it during the divorce because sometimes the finances between spouses are very one-sided.
Just because a divorce is happening, doesn’t mean life stops. The court knows that you still have bills and responsibilities.

How long is temporary custody in Illinois?

Temporary custody lasts until it is updated with a new temporary order or until a case ends. Try to get a custody order in your favor on the temporary order because the court likes to keep things consistent for the child.

How do I get a temporary custody order in Illinois?

You get a temporary order by attending the temporary order hearing. These are common in divorces and child custody cases. If you need one and there isn’t a hearing scheduled, you can contact the court to ask for one.

How fast can a divorce be finalized in Illinois?

The speed your divorce is finalized depends on the type of divorce you are having and how many disagreements are present. An uncontested divorce can be finished in less than a month if the court’s calendar isn’t too busy.

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