50/50 Joint Custody in Illinois

Parental responsibilities (formally joint legal custody) means both parenting time and authority regarding major decisions about the child such as education, health care, and religion. Parenting time (formally joint physical custody) maximizes the time the child has with both parents.

joint 50/50 custody in Illinois50/50 custody orders maximize a child's time with both parents.

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50/50 child custody is when both parents equally share physical custody of their children. There are different versions of joint custody schedules in this situation. A 50/50 joint custody schedule depends on the work of the parents, the relationship they each have with their children and the ages of the children.

Equal Parenting Time

A 50/50 split in parenting Time refers to the time your child physically spends with each parent throughout the year. If it goes to trial, a number of factors have to be considered and your time with the child becomes an unnecessary battleground. While coming to a 50/50 time arrangement doesn't necessarily mean a parent will have the child for exactly 50% of the year, it does mean the child gets to see both of its parents frequently.

It's also worth noting that child support is also calculated a bit differently when each parent has the child for more than 40% (146 days) of the year.

Shared Parental Responsibility

In the new law passed in 2016, “parental responsibilities” as they are deemed by the court, will be determined on a point-by-point basis if your case goes to trial. Whereas before, the parent with custody would be the sole decision maker over the child's education, health, religious upbringing and extracurricular activities, the court may now give some responsibilities to one parent and some to the other.

If you and your spouse are on good terms or can put aside your differences for the sake of your child, it may be best to submit a parenting plan that proposes you each have an equal say in all aspects your child's life going forward.

In addition to decision-making, it grants each parent the right to access legal and medical records whenever necessary. Remember, simple day-to-day decisions can be made without consulting the other parent regardless of who has the majority of the parental responsibility.

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