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Strengthening Your Case with Naperville Child Custody Lawyers

Please note that the names and scenarios in this story have been altered to maintain attorney-client privilege. This story illustrates the types of matters our Naperville child custody lawyers handle, but for privacy reasons, we never disclose the outcome of actual cases.

When parents decide to end their marriage, one of the most difficult parts of the process is determining custody arrangements for any children involved. For Olivia, a 41-year-old civil engineer living in Aurora, Illinois, this struggle took center stage when she filed for divorce from her husband after 13 years of marriage. Together they have a 13-year-old daughter, Sophia. With the marriage broken beyond repair, Olivia knew she had to take action to get Sophia into a healthy situation, but the custody battle proved far more draining than she ever imagined.

As a single mother, Olivia now had to balance working full-time as a civil engineer for a company in Naperville IL while also being the sole provider and caregiver for Sophia. After long days poring over project plans and managing teams at work, Olivia would pick Sophia up from school and extracurriculars, help her with homework, and do her best to maintain some sense of normalcy. Olivia’s busy schedule left little time to begin tackling the complicated legal procedures looming ahead in her divorce and custody case. She started missing work frequently for court appointments and client meetings suffered under the strain of Olivia’s fraying focus.

On top of struggling to balance her career and caregiving responsibilities, Olivia faced another major complication: her ex-husband wanted split custody of Sophia. Olivia knew in her gut that would not provide the stability and care Sophia needed during this transitional time. Sophia had lived her whole life under Olivia’s roof and thrived under her daily care and provision. The thought of her daughter splitting time between two households rankled Olivia. She worried Sophia would feel displaced and distressed by the disruption to her routine.

As the custody battle grew more heated, Olivia realized she was in over her head trying to represent herself. She needed guidance to help argue for Sophia’s best interests in this complex custody case. That's when she called Attorney Lea C. Diaz at Sterling Lawyers for assistance.

With extensive knowledge of family law and court procedures in DuPage County, Attorney Diaz immediately began working to build the strongest case for full physical custody for Olivia. Applying her nuanced understanding of local custody statutes and case law, Attorney Diaz highlighted evidence of Olivia's years of caring for Sophia as the primary caregiver during the marriage. She also emphasized concerns about disruption and instability if Sophia were forced to split time between both parents' homes.

Throughout the lengthy custody process, Attorney Diaz carefully walked Olivia through what to expect at every turn. Custody cases in DuPage County begin with an initial court date where both parties first present their arguments before a judge. The judge then enters a Temporary Order establishing custody terms while the full custody trial proceeds.

Next comes the tedious process of discovery, which requires compiling detailed records covering the children and parents. Attorney Diaz gathered school documents, medical history, and any other paperwork needed to demonstrate Olivia's role as hands-on caregiver. Depositions often follow, allowing each side to question witnesses under oath about fitness as a parent. Attorney Diaz thoroughly prepped Olivia on what to expect during questioning.

With Discovery complete, the parties move forward to a custody trial before the Court. The trial spanned multiple court dates as each side made its case through witness testimony and presentation of evidence. Attorney Diaz carefully constructed Olivia’s side of the story, guiding each witness to offer compelling accounts of her parenting abilities.

Throughout the lengthy custody battle, Attorney Diaz stood by Olivia’s side as a knowledgeable guide and support system. She helped identify and execute the optimal legal strategies while also providing a compassionate ear during an incredibly trying time. Attorney Diaz always took time to address Olivia’s questions and concerns, ensuring she felt fully confident placing her trust in the legal process.

After the final custody trial date, the parties anxiously awaited the judge's ruling on the case. Attorney Lea Diaz made sure Olivia understood that decisions at this stage often take time as the judge thoroughly weighs all evidence and testimony. Finally, the judge issued the Court Order deciding custody terms best aligned with the child's interests. Olivia's attorney made sure that she understood the provisions set forth.

Olivia’s story illustrates the winding road families face when custody disputes erupt. Without Attorney Diaz's knowledgeable guidance at every milestone, Olivia would have felt overwhelmed and defeated by complex legal procedures foreign to laypeople. But with Attorney Diaz as her advocate, Olivia could take comfort knowing her rights were protected despite the challenges ahead.

When custody of your child hangs in the balance, having a family law attorney on your side makes all the difference. At Sterling Lawyers, our attorneys draw on their understanding of local family court rules to build the strongest case for your interests. We handle the intricate legal details so you can focus on your child’s wellbeing. Don’t go it alone against a former spouse and their attorney. Call Sterling Lawyers in Naperville to discuss your rights in custody disputes. We’re here to help you fight for your child's best future.

Please note that the names and scenarios in this story have been altered to maintain attorney-client privilege. This story illustrates the types of matters our attorneys handle, but for privacy reasons, we never disclose the outcome of actual cases.

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