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What to Do if Your Spouse Wants to Take Everything During a Schaumburg Contested Divorce

The names and identifying details in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality. The story illustrates the types of legal matters handled by our Schaumburg contested divorce lawyers. For privacy reasons, we do not disclose case outcomes or client sentiments.

Emma never dreamed she would end up in family court fighting for custody of her 13-year-old daughter Vanessa in Schaumburg, IL. The 41-year-old fashion designer had what she thought was an amicable separation from her husband after nearly 15 years of marriage. Though ending their relationship was difficult, they agreed their main priority was ensuring their daughter's wellbeing during this transition.

But shortly after moving out, Emma's ex pursued sole custody of Vanessa, claiming Emma’s busy work schedule as a clothing designer made her an unfit parent. Emma was stunned and heartbroken. Being a working mom had never been an issue before. She prioritized spending quality time with her daughter and felt they had a close, loving bond. The thought of losing custody was devastating beyond words.

Unsure how to respond to the shocking allegations, Emma turned to Attorney Jacqueline McClellan of Sterling Lawyers. She hoped an experienced family law attorney could help her navigate Cook County’s complex divorce and custody process to resolve this matter fairly.

After reviewing the case details, Attorney Jacqueline McClellan reassured Emma that courts generally favor joint custody arrangements, granting sole custody to one parent only in extreme circumstances. By gathering evidence demonstrating Emma’s strong relationship with her daughter and commitment to shared parenting, Attorney McClellan felt confident she could protect Emma’s custody rights.

First, Attorney Jacqueline McClellan helped Emma outline her typical weekly schedule, emphasizing the significant amount of quality time spent with Vanessa despite her busy career. This included preparing meals together, helping with homework, attending extracurricular activities, and bonding during weekends.

Next, she had Emma collect testimony from teachers, relatives, neighbors and others attesting to what a caring, involved parent Emma was. These statements powerfully refuted any claims that her work made her an unfit mother.

Attorney McClellan also gathered records of Emma consistently paying child support and splitting medical/education expenses, further demonstrating her dedication to providing for her daughter's needs.

With solid evidence in hand, Attorney McClellan was prepared to counter the custody allegations and negotiate a fair joint custody arrangement on Emma's behalf. But first, she walked Emma through the local legal process.

She explained that Cook County require parents to complete parenting classes and attempt mediation before bringing custody disputes to trial. Attorney Jacqueline McClellan would represent Emma during mediation sessions, leveraging the evidence to push for shared custody while carefully considering what would be in the best interests of the child. Her years of experience strategically negotiating and litigating custody cases gave Emma confidence.

If they couldn’t reach an agreement, the case would go before a Cook County judge who would hear arguments from both sides before issuing a custody ruling. Attorney McClellan’s commanding grasp of family law and trial advocacy skills prepared her to fiercely defend Emma and Vanessa’s mother-daughter bond if it went to litigation.

Without Attorney McClellan guiding her through the convoluted local process, compiling compelling evidence, and putting her law degree to work, Emma would have felt adrift. She never could have strategically responded to the allegations on her own or faced her ex’s attorney in mediation. But with an experienced lawyer protecting her parental rights, Emma felt empowered rather than overwhelmed during this crisis.

In the end, Attorney Jacqueline McClellan secured a fair joint custody arrangement allowing Emma to remain an active, engaged parent in her daughter’s daily life. Her sound legal counsel saved Emma and Vanessa from an unthinkable outcome.

If you find yourself facing complex divorce or custody disputes, turn to the accomplished team at Sterling Lawyers. Our compassionate attorneys understand these cases are about far more than just legal matters – they impact the lives of parents and children. We will stand by your side, guiding you through local court proceedings and fiercely protecting your rights as a parent. Don’t go it alone during this difficult time. Contact us today so you and your child can move forward with certainty.

The names and identifying details in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality. The story illustrates the types of legal matters handled by this law firm. For privacy reasons, we do not disclose case outcomes or client sentiments.

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