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Acting Quickly on Paternity in Cook County

The details of this story have been modified to protect client confidentiality. It illustrates the types of issues handled by our Schaumburg paternity lawyers and should not be taken as an indication of case results.

This is the story of Ava, a 28-year-old female geologist living in Schaumburg, Illinois. Ava is currently pregnant and the father has denied paternity. She has concerns about establishing legal paternity in order to secure child support and protect the child's inheritance rights, access to family medical history, and more. Attorney Jeff Hughes of Sterling Lawyers in Schaumburg is assisting Ava during this difficult time.

Ava works as a geologist for an environmental consulting firm. Her job keeps her busy with travel and field work inspecting sites for contamination. In her limited free time, she enjoys hiking and reading fiction novels. Ava currently rents a condo with a roommate to save on housing costs. About a year ago, Ava began dating someone she met through mutual friends. The relationship progressed quickly and soon he was staying over frequently. A few months into the relationship, Ava discovered she was pregnant. She was concerned due to the newness of the relationship but decided to continue the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, when Ava informed her boyfriend of the pregnancy, he expressed doubts about paternity and said he needed proof the child was his before providing any support. He refused to attend medical appointments or discuss future plans. The relationship deteriorated rapidly. With a baby on the way and facing the pregnancy alone, Ava became worried about providing for her child. She knew establishing paternity would be crucial to securing child support and protecting the rights of the baby down the road. Unsure where to begin, she sought out the advice of Attorney Jeff Hughes.

Attorney Hughes listened with empathy to Ava's situation. He explained that in Cook County, there is a legal process through the courts to establish paternity when it is contested. He assured Ava that in cases like hers, the court will order DNA testing to resolve any doubts about biological paternity. Attorney Hughes helped Ava understand that establishing paternity legally solidifies the father's support obligations and protects the child’s ability to access family medical history, receive Social Security benefits if available, and inherit from the father in the future. He stressed the importance of getting a court order for paternity now to avoid complications later.

When Ava worried about handling a court case alone in her already stressful situation, Attorney Hughes provided reassurance. He has successfully guided many clients through the Cook County courts. Attorney Hughes takes time to explain each step, file the proper paperwork, and represent his client's best interest in court. His knowledge of family law helps ensure the legal process goes as smoothly as possible for his clients.

Outline of Cook County Paternity Court Procedures: The typical steps to establish paternity in Cook County are:

  1. File a Petition to Determine Parentage – This involves completing court forms outlining the request for legal paternity.
  2. DNA Testing – The court will order DNA testing to scientifically establish biological paternity.
  3. Parenting Plan – A parenting plan outlining custody, visitation schedules and child support is created.
  4. Court Hearing – The attorneys and parties appear in court where the judge reviews the documents and enters a court order formally declaring paternity.

Without legal guidance, Ava would have faced confusion navigating the right forms and deadlines. Attorney Hughes helped avoid wasted time and effort by ensuring the proper paperwork is correctly filed. He represented her interests in developing a fair parenting plan and child support order. Unlike going to court alone, Attorney Hughes was able to focus on the legal process so Ava could focus on her health and upcoming arrival of her child.

Importance of a Paternity Attorney: Establishing paternity through the courts is crucial to securing the legal rights and protections of the child. However, the legal system can be intimidating and confusing, especially when facing it alone during an already stressful time. Having the counsel of an experienced paternity attorney makes all the difference.

Attorney Jeffrey Hughes helps reduce the burden on clients by taking the time to explain the law in easy to understand terms. He guides clients each step of the way through the process and handles communicating with the courts and other party in the case. Most importantly, Attorney Hughes prioritizes his clients’ best interests when advocating in family court.

When it comes to protecting your child’s future, having a knowledgeable family attorney at your side provides invaluable support and peace of mind. Don’t go it alone. The team at Sterling Lawyers has assisted many area residents through the complex paternity legal process. Call them today to schedule your consultation and learn how they can help you establish legal paternity.

The details of this story have been modified to protect client confidentiality. It illustrates the types of issues handled and should not be taken as an indication of case results.

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