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Working Collaboratively in Evanston to Solve Family Law Conflicts

The names and identifying details in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality. This illustration showcases the types of legal matters handled by our Evanston collaborative divorce lawyers, without divulging specifics of the case. For privacy reasons, we never discuss case outcomes.

Ethan is a 45-year-old graphic designer living in Evanston, Illinois. As the divorced father of two minor children, he is facing complications surrounding child custody and asset division. To get through this difficult process, Ethan has enlisted the help of Attorney Jessica Naples, an experienced family law and collaborative divorce lawyer.

Attorney Jessica Naples has extensive knowledge of family law in Cook County and will guide Ethan through the local court procedures. With her strategic counsel, Ethan can get the best possible outcome during his divorce. Ethan works long hours as a graphic designer at a demanding advertising agency in downtown Chicago. Outside of work, his main focus is caring for his two children – a 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. He picks them up from school, helps with homework, and takes them to weekend soccer games.

As a divorced dad sharing custody, Ethan cherishes the time with kids. He rents a small 2-bedroom apartment near their school so they can stay over regularly. His modest salary covers the rent and living expenses, but there is little left over for savings. When Ethan’s ex-wife said she wanted to modify their existing child custody agreement, Ethan was immediately concerned. He did not want to lose precious time with his kids. But he knew the Cook County court system could be complicated to navigate alone.

Ethan's ex-wife also wanted to re-open discussions about their asset division. When they first separated, money was tight and she didn't pursue her fair share. Now in a better financial position, she wanted to re-examine their property distribution. Ethan had since used some of those shared assets to pay his living costs. Untangling their old finances would be tricky. This divorce had already taken an emotional toll over the years. The thought of court battles over custody and money felt overwhelming. Then a coworker referred Ethan to Attorney Naples for her knowledge with collaborative divorce.

Attorney Naples has a calm, compassionate demeanor that put Ethan at ease. She had handled many custody disputes and asset division cases in Cook County. Her knowledge of the local family court system helped ease Ethan’s stress. The Cook County divorce process follows precise legal protocols. Attorney Naples would represent Ethan's best interest at every stage. For example, collaborative divorce begins with both parties signing an agreement committing to negotiate a settlement without going to court. Then Mayles helped Ethan gather financial documents like tax returns and bank statements so both sides understood the marital assets to be divided.

Sensitive topics like child custody are handled through a series of cooperative meetings. Attorney Naples attended as Ethan's advocate. She helped present realistic custody options that prioritized the children's needs while still protecting Ethan's rights as a father. Attorney Naples was determined, strategic, and kind – providing Ethan invaluable peace of mind.

Here are the typical steps Attorney Naples followed while representing Ethan in his Cook County collaborative divorce:

  • Both parties sign participation agreement committing to good-faith negotiation
  • Information gathering phase conducted confidentially
  • Valuation of all marital assets like property, businesses, retirement accounts
  • Development of parenting plan outlining custody schedule, visitation terms
  • Discussion of child support amounts according to Illinois guidelines
  • Completion of financial affidavits, budgets, statements of net worth
  • With both sides represented, collaborative meetings held to reach settlement
  • All documents drafted and finalized for court approval
  • Final settlement agreement filed with the court as a consent decree

Going through a divorce in Cook County without representation puts you at a disadvantage. The court procedures and legal nuances can be too complex to navigate alone.

Attorney Jessica Naples understands Illinois family law and the local court rules in Cook County. She can skillfully handle sensitive issues like child custody, visitation rights, asset division, and spousal support. Her compassionate counsel eases stress during an emotional time. There are no do-overs in legal matters like divorce. The outcome affects your life for years to come. Get it right the first time with a knowledgeable divorce attorney on your side. Don't leave your future to chance.

Attorney Jessica Naples is dedicated to protecting client rights and guiding families smoothly through all stages of the divorce process. Call Sterling Lawyers in Evanston today to schedule your consultation. An experienced collaborative divorce attorney can make all the difference.

The names and identifying details in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality. This illustration showcases the types of legal matters handled by the attorney, without divulging specifics of the case. For privacy reasons, we never discuss case outcomes.

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