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Reviews for Attorney Jessica Naples

Divorce And Family Law Attorney Reviews For Attorney Jessica Naples At Sterling Lawyers

Attorney Jessica Naples
1821 Walden Office Square
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 260-9297

Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Schaumburg, IL
Licensed Since 2008

Average Client Rating

4.6 out of 5
Based on 201 Client Reviews

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It might be a bit too early for my final evaluation of the Law Firm and in particular Jessica and Jacquline. We are (hopefully) half way through the process and these ladies have been a delight to work with. Each of them are responsive, knowledgeable and genuine in their effort to arrive at a decision that is in our best interest. I will reserve my final comments until the decisions are made and the final gavel falls.

Client:Jennifer C
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
December 4, 2023

Been working with Jessica Naples since June, and I am happy with the way she is handling my case. she is very approachable and always available to talk. She is very professional.

Client:Carlos Miguel U
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
December 4, 2023

I am currently going through a divorce and I hired Jessica as my attorney and Jacqueline was an added bonus to my case. They are both extremely dedicated, insightful, upfront and honest. Jessica is very clear and presents all my options to me, she is always looking out for my best interest. Both Jessica and Jacqueline are very good about answering all my questions and getting back to me in a timely matter. I would highly recommend the both of them!

Client:Carissa D
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
December 4, 2023

The firm made the whole process quick and easy

Client:Sonal S
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
December 1, 2023

Jessica Naples was so helpful during my case. Made it so stress free and easy for me. So thankful!

Client:Paige B
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
November 30, 2023

I would highly recommend her.

Client:Sherlaender P
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
November 8, 2023

I worked with Jessica Naples and Jacqueline McClellan. I worked more with Jacqueline. She was available, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. It was like working with a good friend. Divorce is a rough process, but Jacqueline really made the process go smoothly. I will be forever grateful for that support.

Client:Colleen P
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
October 24, 2023

I think Jessica and Jacqueline did a great job for me. Jacqueline was always available, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. I felt like I was working with a close friend. If I had to offer any direction for development, I would have like to have gotten things explained better. Having never gone through something like this before, and not being a legal person, some of the language/paperwork was hard to understand. For example, I was told that I was entitled to half of the difference in my husbands 401K and mine. Turns out since he had that account prior to our marriage, I wasn't entitled to it at all because it wasn't a marital asset. This enraged my husband that I even asked for it, so he hired a lawyer, and we were no longer an uncontested divorce. Ultimately, we got it worked out. It's a rough process to go through, it would have been nice to have had more clarity in some of the information I was given. I joined a Facebook Divorce Group and have already given Jessica's contact information. I hope they follow through and contact her. For a very unpleasant process, I felt very heard and supported.

Client:Colleen P
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
October 19, 2023

Thorough consultation and very open and honest.

Client:Karun S
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
October 12, 2023
Client:Kathleen F
Attorney Hired:Jessica Naples
October 10, 2023

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Bar Memberships

State Of Illinois Bar Association
State Bar of Illinois
Admitted in 2011


Chicago Kent University Of Law Chicago
Michigan State University College of Law
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2008)
University Of Wisconsin Madison
Youngstown State University
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor in Economics (2005)
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