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Reviews for Attorney Alexandra Isroff

Divorce And Family Law Attorney Reviews For Attorney Alexandra Isroff At Sterling Lawyers
Attorney Alexandra Isroff
1603 Orrington Ave
Suite 661
Evanston, IL 60201
(312) 598-1711
Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Evanston, IL
Licensed Since 2006
Average Client Rating

4.7 out of 5
Based on 334 Client Reviews

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My case was more complicated than I initially thought and I feel fixed fee structue doesn't give incentive for attorney to get more involved

Client:Atik P
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
December 9, 2019

What I paid for vs. what I received was not what I was expecting. For $1000 I thought I would get more than advice and conversation. I prepared the emails for review. The response to those emails were “Looks good”.

Client:Mike G
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
November 12, 2019

Ali was great, she helped me out a lot. I was not sure what to do in a divorce and she filled out forms and submitted them. Ali answered any questions that I had and personally she was great. The communication was a struggle, I had to call the main office

Client:Melvon D
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
October 21, 2019

Very professional service

Client:Andrzej O
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
October 8, 2019
Client:Dina C
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
October 1, 2019
Client:Noa J
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
September 30, 2019

I will highly recommend Sterling if and when the subject comes up!

Client:Kim N
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
September 4, 2019
Client:Ethan R
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
August 12, 2019
Client:Sanya S
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
August 12, 2019

I ask to stop my ex wife from getting money out of my check and it worked thank you so , now I can move on

Client:Clifton D
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
July 30, 2019

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Bar Memberships

State Of Illinois Bar Association
State Bar of Illinois
Admission Since 2006


Chicago Kent University Of Law Chicago
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2005)
University Of Wisconsin Madison
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Journalism and Women's Studies (2002)
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