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Need help with a family law matter? Looking to ensure your legal rights and future are protected?

Below are the family law services provided from Sterling Law Offices to help clients move beyond their legal matters and forward with their life. As a convenience to our clients we offer full service legal representation, hourly coaching, as well as form review services.

End Your Marriage

Legal Separation

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce Mediation

Contested / Trial Divorce

Protect Your Money

Child Support Orders

Maintenance/Alimony Orders

Asset Division

Debt Allocation

Retirement Account Division

Property Division

Dealing with the House

Help Your Children

Child Custody Orders

Visitation Rights

Paternity Testing

Go Back to Court

Enforcement Actions

Modification Actions



Options for Filing a Wisconsin Divorce

Learn the three different options to file for a Wisconsin divorce. Understanding the options keeps the costs and ambiguity surrounding divorce to a minimum.

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Getting Child Custody and Placement in Wisconsin

Learn what you can do if you are facing a divorce to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your divorce.

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Questions from Clients


Does there Need to be a Legal Reason to Initiate a Divorce Action?

Learn what Wisconsin court require from couples before a divorce action can be filed.

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If both Parties want the House & Child Custody how will the Court handle the Situation?

See how a Wisconsin family court could handle a situation where both, husband and wife, want the house and custody.

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