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What to Look for When Selecting an Attorney

To find an attorney you can count on, you need to be able to trust in their skills to represent you, have proof that they have done well in the past, and feel confident that you can afford their assistance.

Exclusively Family Law

Many law firms practice multiple different types of law–from criminal to personal injury to employment and so on. Attorneys who practice multiple types of law choose to spread themselves too thin.

Sterling Lawyers practices solely family law because we give it the time it deserves. Within family law alone, there is:

Plus, the laws, statutes, and case law are always evolving, so there is always more to learn. By focusing on family law, we know we can give you and your family the best chance at getting the outcome you need.

County Specific Localization

Similar to dedicating ourselves to family law, our attorneys practice in specific counties. The license an attorney gets to practice law allows us to work anywhere in the state, but each county has its own rules and judges. We keep ourselves localized because then our attorneys get to know the judges. By knowing the judges, our attorneys can tell you what arguments and evidence work best on each judge.

Thousands of Reviews

Every attorney is going to tell you they are great, so you need information from a source you can trust. One of the best places to find this is by looking at reviews from previous clients.

Reviews let you see how people feel about their experience working with your prospective attorney. We always ask clients to give us a review after working with us because we want future clients to have as much information as they want. It also gives us a place to hear back from clients if there are any areas we can grow in.

Working with You

This is your case, your family, and your life, so you should be making the final decisions once the attorney has given you all the necessary information. We emphasize working with our clients rather than just working for them because we are a team.

The court system is complicated, so it’s the attorney’s job to translate the court system into something that makes sense. Of course, we will also tell you what we think the best option is, but ultimately, these decisions affect your life.

Fixed Fee Billing

Attorneys are known for being expensive and not always being transparent with how much things will cost. That’s why Sterling Lawyers works on a fixed fee system where we tell you exactly how much it is going to cost you before you decide to work with us.

Most attorneys use an hourly rate where they charge you on a weekly basis down to the minute they work on your case. With this method, you don’t know how much it will cost until it is too late. We prefer the fixed fee because we value transparency. It gives you the clarity you deserve to make an informed decision during a stressful period of your life.

A Variety of Options to Fit Your Needs

We also offer a few different ways to work with us, so you get the exact help you need. Some people don’t want full representation, so we have options like mediation or DIY for divorce. For example, the DIY method of divorce has the attorney helping with only portions of the process for simpler cases where the person divorcing can take care of the rest.

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