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Leadership, Success and Core Values

Hear from the leaders at Sterling Lawyers on what makes a great leader, what success looks like for the firm, and what are the values that we embrace at the firm. A team that works together is the cornerstone of everything we do at Sterling. To accomplish this we must all strive toward the same goals and have the same values.

What are the values of leadership that shape our firm? In this video, CEO Jeff Hughes and President Anthony Karls share the values that they found important when creating a client centered firm that would change the way family law was practiced.

When Jeff Hughes and Anthony Karls started Sterling Lawyers their vision was to change how Law Firms helped people going through family law crises. Their goal was to align our firm with the client’s needs and empower them as they navigated this difficult time in their life. “We started Sterling Lawyers because we believe that we are called to serve people in a period of transition,” explains Anthony. “We are here to help them through the crisis they are facing today and transition to where they are going moving forward.”

To accomplish this there were four main values on which we focus on as we build the firm. These values are to compete with a warrior spirit, finish with integrity, embrace and drive change, and lead by serving.

When bringing in new attorneys and support staff to the firm, “We look at them to see if they share our values,” Jeff says, “We are really upfront about that.” We look to learn, “What does their character look like? You have got to hire for this first. You’ve got to hire people that share these values common to their DNA.”

“When we are looking for team members here,” Anthony adds, “We’re looking for people that have gone through life. Have experienced life. People that have dealt with trials and tribulations in a healthy way. Now they can add a lot of value to those people that they are going to be serving.”

Sterling Lawyers main goal is to strengthen families. This opportunity to serve provides itself before people go through a legal crisis, during transition, and when they are ready to move forward.

What makes a great leader and what does success look like? In this video, Sterling Lawyers leaders will tell you in their own words what they believe is leadership and what success looks like to them. Hear from CEO Jeff Hughes and President Anthony Karls and other leaders.

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