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Our Culture of Customer Service

Family Lawyers need to be in the customer service business. At Sterling Lawyers we are committed to serving the best interests of our clients over the needs of the firm. Learn from President Tony Karls how we are able to align our goals with the client's goals by focusing on fostering a culture of service. 

At Sterling Lawyers, we believe that delivering excellent customer service starts with our culture. Our culture is built on the core value that each employee has the opportunity to influence others through their actions and service. Everyone is expected to live out this value. By leading with service, we’ve positioned our attorneys and support staff to better direct the needs of their clients.

We believe that service begins with our leaders. Leaders need to exemplify this behavior and serve their teams with the same commitment they have to serving the best interests of our clients. This way, not only do our clients feel supported, but our staff does as well.

Creating a service-oriented culture requires an inspired team. Our employees buy into the mission and vision of our firm and as such, they are able to give more of themselves to their clients. Anthony Karls, president of Sterling Lawyers, explains that employees are rewarded for their passionate service by being a part of the process where a client grows and becomes more of who they are.

Another aspect of our culture is teamwork and it is invaluable to providing top-of-line customer service. Our staff understands that clients may be going through the toughest time of their lives. In order to help our clients move forward, we need to be on the same page and understand their overall vision, otherwise, we could fall short of a successful outcome. “We need to be bound together as a team, so we can get to a common destination,” says Anthony.

Creating a culture of servant leaders allows Sterling Lawyers to be different and innovative in family law. By creating a client-centered law firm, we are able to meet clients where they are and guide them through this difficult transition of divorce or paternity action. The better we are at serving our clients, the more likely they will be able to get back to life and heal as they move forward.

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