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The Affects of the Pandemic on Family Law

In this segment of The Morning Blend on TMJ4, Anthony Karls and Jeff Hughes talk with Tiffany Ogle about offering virtual support for couples in need when issues arise at home.

When there are issues at home, it can lead to many different emotions. But what happens when these issues overlap with a global health crisis? The effects can be overwhelming.

Anthony Karls and Jeff Hughes from Sterling Lawyers join the hosts at Morning Blend to tell families who are going through divorce that they don’t have to go at it alone. There is a firm that will get behind you and fight for you while listening to you.

This TMJ4 Morning Blend segment with the host Tiffany Ogle is a part of a 12 episode series we co-produced with this NBC affiliate. Our goal was to tell our story over 3 months. This is the story of how we created a client-centered family law firm.

We found a way to innovate family law and bring a process that aligned goals with that of our clients. Apart from being featured on TMJ4, this video was also featured in Yahoo news and MSN news.

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