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Creating a Client-Centered Family Law Firm

The vision to create a client-centered family law firm came from Jeff Hughes and Anthony Karls desire to create a business that innovated a business model few thought could be innovated. This innovation also allowed them to make a difference in the community.
The family law attorney you chose to represent you in your divorce will impact the outcome of your divorce or child custody case. Learn why we created a client-centered family law firm to align our goals with your goals and how we make a difference in the lives of our clients.
In 2013 Attorney Jeff Hughes and Anthony Karls looked to start another company together. As the story goes, they were looking to start a company in a difficult industry, where when successful, they could change the way that industry was run and innovate where most thought innovation was not practical. This would give them a strong position in the market. Additionally, both of these men were interested in making a difference in the lives of the people in their community.

The decision came down to starting a roofing company or creating an industry changing family law firm. It’s not easy to see how these vary different types of companies actually provided similar challenges. Both are small businesses that don’t often have the customer support staff allowing them to be client-centered. They both are businesses that are seldom innovated, because people just didn’t think they could be innovated.

They settled on creating a different kind of family law firm and changing the expectations we have for how family law often aggravates the lives of those going through divorce or custody cases in court.

Jeff Hughes said it best during a recent interview on TMJ4’s Morning Blend, “Working with an attorney that is focused on the resolution and helping the people through it, instead of focused on what works for the attorney, helps them and helps the community.” This was their motivation.

“We wanted to do something that had a bigger impact and served our community better,” adds Anthony Karls. “Plus we were attracted to the difficulty of the task.”

Building a family law firm, one focused on listening to our clients and helping them through divorce or paternity action, allows us to align the goals of the client with the goals of the attorney. This is our vision: create a family law solution where the communication paths are aligned. Innovate and change how family law tends to focus on a process that agitates the process.

“We feel this approach leads to stronger families and stronger communities,” says Jeff.

“We want to empower clients, so they can get through this difficult time as gracefully as possible and with as much control as possible,” Anthony adds. We do this by focusing on the client. By bringing truth to the client relationship and showing them that we care. This is what we mean by saying we bring Truth and Love to each and every case. The truth is the honesty and transparency that is required to navigate our cases and the love is the empathy that we are all required to have for our clients.

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