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Strong Families Build A Strong Society

We believe that the cornerstone of a strong community is a healthy and strong family. This is why at Sterling Lawyers we produce stories that help promote strong belief systems, good communication, and healthy relationships. Learn more about what we stand for and why we believe as we do.

Anthony Karls of Sterling Lawyers shares in this video why we believe that the cornerstone of a strong society is a healthy and strong family and that the need for this foundation continues even after a family has transitioned through divorce. This belief is at the core of our client-centered firm and why we produce stories for our community that help you as you focus on putting your family in the best position to succeed.

Our belief that strong families build a better society and benefit our community is built on the following beliefs that we hold true. We focus on progress not perfection, however, a family regardless if they are together or post divorce is healthier and stronger when it is built on these foundations.

Spiritual Well Being/Belief Systems

We believe the cornerstone of a strong family is a clear belief system. We believe a critical tenant to that belief system includes natural laws and objective truth.

We also believe the overarching philosophy found in Judeo-Christian ethics is a great guide to building a strong family. That philosophy includes grace, hope, faith, love, justice, service, peace and personal responsibility. We believe we are called to live out this philosophy in our everyday lives.


We believe another foundation to a strong family is built on frequent, honest communication centered around active listening.

We believe communication is both verbal and non verbal and we believe the non verbal communication signals we send are as important as the words coming out of us.

We also believe communication is about both facts and emotions. We believe to successfully communicate we must acknowledge and consider the emotions of what is communicated prior to solving/discussing the facts of what was communicated.


We believe the final foundational piece to a strong family is time together. When we speak of time this is not just time around each other, but more importantly time free from external distractions. We believe spending time together engaging in conversation in settings such as family dinners at home, playing old fashioned board/card games or settings such as “around the campfire” digitally free and disconnected from the outside world are critical to building a solid foundation.

We also believe a nuclear family requires alone time for the spouses without outside distractions or distractions from children. Without this dedicated time we believe it will be hard for those nuclear families to maintain the foundational relationship.

Emotional Support

We believe a strong family is a family that supports each other emotionally. Different seasons of life bring different types and levels of stress. We believe a strong family is ready to bear each other's burdens and deal honestly with each other regarding the stresses each member is placing on themselves and other members of the family.

Financial Plan

We believe a strong family is fiscally responsible, lives within a transparent budget, and follows at a minimum 10/10/80 plan for handling the money with which they are entrusted.

Physical Health

We believe a strong family values the physical health of its members. A strong family encourages physical health through physical activity, healthy eating based on the best available science and consumes a limited amount of substances.

Intellectual Expansion

We believe a strong family encourages and lives out an intellectual expansion of knowledge throughout life. We believe the brain should be mentally ‘worked out’ in a similar way the body needs physical exercise. A strong family supports, encourages and invests in rigorous study of topics meaningful to its members.

Connected Socially

We believe a strong family invests in the community in which they live and invest in building relationships with each other. This means spouses are engaged in regular date nights, families volunteer together as a group, families travel/create experiences together, and parents invest one on one with their children.

Purpose Filled Work

We believe a strong family consists of individuals with purpose filled work. We believe individuals with purpose filled work are better positioned to achieve a feeling of accomplishment in something bigger than themselves, which leads them closer to a feeling of fulfillment.

Goal Oriented

We believe a strong family sets, achieves, strives toward and resets/reevaluates goals. We believe goals whether stated or unstated exist in any relationship. Parents want to raise good children, children want to grow up, employers want to achieve the mission of their organization, employees want to do a good job and provide for their needs.

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