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Finding Positive Parenting Solutions

What are Positive Parenting Solutions? How does Parents Place’s Triple P Program Help? Parents Place’s Triple P Program is an evidenced-based trauma-informed program that focuses on developing Positive Parenting Solutions. There are different programs structured for the specific needs of the parents and the children.

In this video, Kathy Duffek of the Parents Place discusses the Triple P Program with Anthony Karls. The Triple P Program looks at why a child is behaving the way they are and what stresses on the family and the children are evidence of this behavior. Once there is an understanding of the factors that lead to a child’s unwanted behavior, then a strategy can be developed to implement solutions to change this behavior.

Kathy tells us that the focus on negative behavior has parents not giving “descriptive praise” which focuses on the good behavior that the child is exhibiting. The goal with evidence based programming is to look at the child’s behavior in a different light to learn what the child is really wanting or what they are actually experiencing.

“Old patterns are hard to change and families get stuck in some of these negative patterns,” Kathy points out. “Yelling, screaming, hitting. And it doesn’t work. They get stuck in these old patterns.” In evaluating parenting, it is important to look at how a parent was brought up. Maybe there are parenting styles that didn’t work for them. Maybe there is something that did work. It is important to discuss and uncover why parents have fallen into certain patterns and how they can move to a more positive reinforcement style of parenting.

Kathy confirms that it takes a lot of time and energy to parent. It is one of the most important roles that we have. “And building that relationship, as with any relationship, happens over time.” Kathy says, “We are really the mirror for our children. If we can provide that support and help, right here at Parents Place, it can make all the difference in the world.”

TRIPLE P IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL – from the Parents Place website
Grounded in science and practical advice, Triple P doesn't “control” how you parent. Instead, we provide hands-on advice and the success seen by many families. it's about gaining the skills and confidence to handle all the ups and downs together.
Find the right level of support
Set your own priorities and goals
Decide what works for your family
Tailor strategies to your unique needs

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At Sterling, we believe the final foundational piece to a strong family is time together. When we speak of time, this is not just time around each other, but more importantly, time free from external distractions. We believe spending time together engaging in conversation in settings such as family dinners at home, playing old fashioned board/card games or settings such as “around the campfire” digitally free and disconnected from the outside world are critical to building a solid foundation.

Flourishing Families is a Sterling Series aimed at highlighting organizations in our community that support and build up strong families.

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