Military Child Support

Federal regulations require military personnel to provide support for their family members. The terms of support typically falls under the jurisdiction of the state where the divorce was filed and is subject to the court orders, support agreements, and interim support measures mandated at the state level.

Military Regulations for Child Support

Military regulations include several standard voluntary procedures in addition to general court procedures. Service members should work with a local CSS agent to establish a voluntary support agreement. If no voluntary support agreement is put in place, the CSS agent requests that the courts set interim support measures until the legal obligation can be established. The interim amount is generally less than the amount normally mandated through a state's child support guidelines.

Who Pays for Child Support

This is a matter that needs to be properly discussed with your lawyer. Issues on child support can be settled extra-judicially by entering into a compromise agreement with the other spouse. In cases where there is no possibility of settlement as to who pays for the support and maintenance of the child, the issue may be resolved in a proper court proceeding. The claim for such may be included in the divorce complaint or in a separate action. Whatever your choice is, make sure that you have discussed the important matters with your legal counsel.

Military Divorce Tough Questions Tough Answers

Based on a recent study, it has been shown that the number of military divorces has increased over the years. There have been many instances wherein separation has been made during deployment of the military spouse in a different state or country. This rise in statistics of the military divorce may be attributed to various factors.

If you and your spouse are planning to get a divorce, the first step that you should take is to choose your attorney who will represent all your interests and claims in a proper court proceeding. It is necessary that you talk to your lawyer first before taking any judicial step in order to ensure that none of the procedural laws will be violated as well as to protect your own rights.

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