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Relocating With Children After Divorce

In Wisconsin a custodial parent Should Not move a child away from the non-custodial parent without a court order. The law in Wisconsin requires you to make a formal motion when moving more than 100 miles away, or if moving across state lines.

Learn more in this video with Sterling Lawyers' Attorney Toby Kinsler about what is expected of you, if you desire to relocate a child after a divorce.

A question we get at Sterling Lawyers, is can I move my child out of the state of Wisconsin? “Unless you get a court order stating otherwise,” says Attorney Kinsler, “Absolutely not, no you can not, you're going to get yourself in an awful lot of trouble if you do so without first going through the proper process through the courts in order to authorize that move.”

Learn More About Child Custody in Wisconsin

If you move your child within the state of Wisconsin more than 100 miles away from the custodial parent, you are required by law to make a formal motion. If you move across state lines, you're automatically compelled to make a motion to relocate. “Actually, if you're intending to move, let's say, more than 60 miles, you're probably going to fall in the same bucket,” adds Attorney Kinsler. This is really a practical consideration. It becomes tough at these distances for two parents to share custody of a child in equal fashion.

Once you've filled your formal motion, the other party will get a chance to object. There will be court hearing within 30 days. A Guardian ad Litem will likely be assigned to the case. You will have to go through the process of a Custody and Placement conflicted case. Attorney Kinsler explains in the video why the courts operate in this way and what they are taking into consideration when there is a substantial move requested by one parent.

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