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Meet Sterling Lawyers President, Tony Karls

Tony Karls Co-founded Sterling Lawyers with Jeff Hughes with the goal of establishing a client-centered firm that aligned the firm's goals with that of the clients. Tony will be quick to tell you that this means, “We are here to empower family law clients. “

Get to know the Tony Karls we all work with in his own words.

More About Tony Karls

In addition to helping to build a firm that is client-focused, Tony leads a team that builds new technologies to better serve clients and pushes his team to develop new ways to produce digital media. This media offers our community more information on family law and stories that spotlight businesses and organizations that are helping to build strong families and healthier communities.

Tony believes that a strong family foundation is the key to having better and healthier communities. Even though good people sometimes have to go through the painful process of divorce, an outcome that leads to new family structures, it is important to Tony that people have the information they need to create a new and stronger life for them and their children.

To work with Tony is to know that he is both very understanding and at the same time holds his team to a high standard. He challenges us and drives us toward success. He welcomes change and new solutions. Each team member is empowered to lead by example. Each team member is validated for the work they do to help Sterling Lawyers succeed in changing the way family law is done.

Tony loves to workout. He regularly shares his challenges with Crossfit, or a new milestone with his team. When not at work, Tony is a husband and a father of two little girls. Tony is an avid reader and shares these books and the insights he has learned from them with his team.

When asked what he would like people to remember after having worked with him, Tony says, “That we worked together along the same path, getting to that common goal. Learning from each other and growing together.”

Meet Us Monday is a Sterling series where we meet our team, learn about the Sterling culture, and explore the Sterling core values; finish with integrity, lead by serving, compete with a warrior spirit and embrace and drive change.

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