Marketing your firm can be a structure all unto its own. There are many formulas one could use in marketing applications, however, when it comes right down to it – it is sometimes more art than science. One heavily overlooked resource, is word of mouth. It is a review of your company from one person to another. Be it associate, colleague, friend, or a friend of a friend, word of mouth spreads fast. It is also usually regarded as more authoritative than some other means or marketing methods.

One of the first ways to get people talking, is becoming active in the community you represent. This is more than passing out your business card on your way through a crowd. It’s about becoming a foundation within your community. Have representatives from your firm show up at different functions across many markets or industries. Remember, everyone needs a good lawyer at one point or another.word of mouth graphic

Make your presence known at community functions and events. You or representatives should not only show up at these events, but become a part of them. You can even have your firm sponsor local events, little league or amateur sporting events, charities, or even fundraisers. Have banners made, and be sure to spread them out at these events. Help by sponsoring, or even donating to local food drives. Or better yet, start a food drive, or some other means of giving back to your community.

Be good to your clients. Invite one, or a group of clients out for lunch once in a while. Do this especially when you have not heard from them in a while. Remember, people need a reason for you to come to mind. Give them a reason. Send all clients – past, current, and prospective – Christmas cards, or holiday wishes.

By incorporating an element of remembrance, condolences, best wishes, and appreciation into your everyday dealings – it will be returned to you. Placing your firm front and center when it comes to community events, charity events, or sporting events will place your firm front and center in people’s minds when it comes to recommendations. This is more than product placement, it is illustrating to your community that you are a functional member of it, and you are proud to be of service.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

Managing Partner

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