The difference between law firm sales and law firm marketing sometimes falls into a grey area, but not always. It is sometimes hard to differentiate between the two. However, the distinction can be made simple. Law firm sales should be connected to closing. Law firm marketing should be connected to the explanation.

Marketing Your Firm – When it comes to marketing your law firm, though it may be difficult, save the sales for direct communication. Your marketing should rely solely on the explanation of your service, through specific audience targeting. This means to know who your audience is beforehand. For example, while driving while intoxicated may span every target audience, other services can be narrowed down.

an attorney meeting a potential clientMarketing spousal abuse services does include male victims, but that is only a small percentage statistically. Therefore, woman would be the target audience in this scenario. Age is another factor. The statistical age for woman in abusive relationships are generally fall between the ages of 25 and 39. Yes, abuse happens in all walks of life, and is not subject to sex, race, or age. We are merely discussing the majority of reported cases in a statistical context.

This kind of statistical information is easily obtained, and can aid in the elimination of sales tactics in your marketing endeavors. By focusing on your audience, you are able to focus your efforts on addressing the needs of that audience. You are able to focus on explaining what services your firm is willing and able to provide for them.

Law Firm Sales – While marketing your law firm should rely on the explanation, law firm sales should focus on closing. When a consumer is considering making a purchase, it is usually based on the information that they have obtained regarding the product or service. So in essence, your marketing should include information that is highly usable, and easily assimilated by the prospective client.

Don’t use “sales talk” when marketing, or while negotiating contract terms. Let your marketing do that for you. Simply reiterate what you have marketed. Reinforce the points that the prospective client will find useful.

After this, get into detail. Give some advice or tips that the prospective client can use. Explain to them what you can do for them specifically. Sell your services. Remember, it is easy to sell something when you truly believe in the product, or in this case, the service. It is your service – have faith in your skills as an attorney, and let this show while you speak.

Sales should always be saved for the close. Numbers should be used front and center, reinforced by relevant facts the client needs to know. This should only be done face to face. Never use “sales talk” in your marketing. Rely on your services to entice prospective clients. Set yourself apart from other law firms, and show them why they should choose your firm over your competitors. Once the appointment has been made, that is where you sell those services, by selling yourself.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

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