Court Ordered Mediation in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin family court, a case involving a minor child will include court-ordered mediation when there are custody, placement and or visitation issues. This process is used to facilitate parents toward reaching an agreement versus hearing the issues in open court. 

In Wisconsin, couples going through a divorce may be forced to go to counseling and/or mediation. Required mediation happens when the parties CAN NOT come to an agreement on the custody and placement of their children.

In cases where parties can't agree on the placement and custody of children, the court will order parents to seek mediation. A mediator appointed by the court will conduct these mediation sessions. During mediation financial issues are not considered or allowed as part of the discussion. The mediator will try to find common ground between the parties to determine an acceptable placement and custody schedule aligned with the best interests of the child.

If mediation is successful a written agreement is drafted and submitted to the court. This document will be included in the court order or stipulation. If mediation fails and the parties are unable to come to an agreement the court will be notified and a guardian ad litem (GAL) will be appointed immediately. The GAL appointed to the case will conduct interviews and an investigation into the child's life in order to give the court a recommended custody and placement schedule.

Why is Mediation Beneficial?

Mediation will save parents time and money by agreeing to terms before going to court. When mediation is successful, a written agreement is put together and submitted to the attorneys of both parents for approval before being sent to the court. If mediation proves to be unsuccessful, the parents will proceed with their custody battle in front of a family law court.

References: Alternative Dispute Resolution

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