When it comes to raising the children, the task of the parents is not easy. This becomes harder if the parents have already undergone the process of divorce. It will become tougher and more difficult since they will no longer live together with the children in the same house. Moreover, their custody over the kids will also be affected. In most cases, the judge will award joint custody to the same parent. However, there are also instances where the judge will constitute only the mother or the father as the custodian parent. In such case, the other parent will only be given visitation rights.
Work With the Other Party
Whether you like it or not, you and your ex are still the parents of your kids. This means that both of you have the responsibility to raise your children. Just because the marriage ended in divorce does not mean that your duty as parents is also extinguished. There is a need to discuss some important matters with your former spouse concerning your children. As much as possible, try to maintain contact with the other party. You may also inquire with your lawyer as to how you can go about the arrangements with your ex with respect to raising the kids after divorce.child being co-parented equally
Protect the Children
No one wants to be a part of a broken family. Everyone wants to grow up in an environment where the parents are living together in the same house and co-exist peacefully with the rest of the family members. With the divorce, your kids are probably in a state of confusion and frustration. They will start to feel the lack of security especially that their parents have gotten a divorce. To help them cope up, it is your duty to talk to them regularly. Listen to what they have to say and always be there when they need support.
Come Up With an Agreement
The best way to deal with co-parenting after divorce is to enter into an agreement with your former spouse. You can enter into certain negotiations with respect to your individual rights, duties and obligations. It is highly recommended that both parties be assisted by family attorneys in Waukesha WI  in order to ensure that the agreement will not contravene any existing laws or statutes. During the negotiation stage, make sure that you take into consideration the best interest of your children. Agreements between parties may be judicially approved.