Reviews – Attorney Toby Kinsler

Reviews - Family Law Attorney Toby Kinsler

Attorney Toby Kinsler

2810 Crossroads Drive, #3100
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 208-6002

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Maintenance
Primary Location:
Madison, WI
Licensed Since 2015
Average Client Rating for
Attorney Toby Kinsler
4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 122 client reviews

I felt Toby was great, he was very helpful and understanding if I have to come back I would like to stay with him. The only thing I did ask was to not have the file closed I do not believe we will be staying together just unsure when I will be refiling. If the file could be kept open a while longer we can just pick up where we left off. I will say there was way to many voicemails left – one or two are ok but daily is alittle annoying.

Vicki P
October 29, 2019
Attorney Hired:Toby Kinsler
Casey K
October 25, 2019
Attorney Hired:Toby Kinsler

Hello, In all truthful-ness the whole process was frustrating. Working with your company was my ex’s decision and he paid for it so I basically tried going with the flow of things. First the person we were originally working with did not advise us of the time frame everything needed to get done within. When we needed all the paperwork back to him. Also the person we were originally working with quit/was fired? I have no idea because I didn’t get a message or notification. I found out a week later when my ex told me the person we were working with was let go and we set up an appointment with someone else. When we did they were nice and explained everything that the other person did not. Including there being a time frame in which we needed everything in by or else the court could close our case. Thankfully I am no happily divorced yet still being harassed by your company to rate/review you. Please stop contacting me as our agreement/contract is now ceased. Thank you, Tammy.

Tammy G
October 25, 2019
Attorney Hired:Toby Kinsler

Honestly, I was very disappointed with Toby. He was charming and reassuring he’d be the middle man in the beginning. We had maybe 3 meetings in person. He quickly became irritated and never actually ‘mediated’ in my opinion. He was merely the documenter if any decisions made. I even pointed it out, that he wasn’t helping us (me & my ex) negotiate/come to agreements, and his frequent response was ‘its part of being an adult’ or something to that effect. I was not asking him to fight for me, but he rarely gave input on a subject or helped us come to a FAIR agreements. His most common response was about leaving wording out (right if first refusal, etc).

Apparently there were too many changes in the MSA draft (mostly my ex removing things he had originally agreed to) and Toby essentially fired us. I wasn’t made aware we had a timeline or limited number of hours.

I haven’t responded up until this point because I assumed your firm would not take my response seriously and most likely defend Toby and his work practices. Every concern I brought up (my ex was manipulating me) to Toby was squashed. I will definitely not be recommending Toby and will steer people away from using him as a mediator based on my experience.

Thank you,

Randi Richardson

Randi R
October 24, 2019
Attorney Hired:Toby Kinsler

In the worst time in my adult life, chance of divorce after 15 years. I walked out of the consultation truly relieved. Toby Kinsler shed his knowledge, compassion, and understanding to my situation. This is not an easy subject matter to deal with. Toby made me feel alive again. He took the time to listen and explain all of my concerns. Finally a professional that truly cares!!!

October 23, 2019
Attorney Hired:Toby Kinsler
Reviews - Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Toby Kinsler
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Bar Memberships

State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2015


Marquette University Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2015)
Lawrence University
Bachelor of Arts (1998)
Middlebury College
Master of Arts (2004)

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